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         This site in here to serve as a basic direction for those who may wonder if  God does  exist,  firstly,   and secondly,   that if He does exist,  can a person be given the same gifts as the prophets  of old in the Holy Scriptures, to  receive an answer from Him.

Many of us in life often ask the same questions:

     Every person  is seeking to find that spiritual purpose which invigorates the mind and renews the spirit.


For any person unsure is there is a Creator/God, can simply pray

"If there is a God, guide me to the right path"


                                    " The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom.
                    Though it cost all you have, get understanding.
(Proverbs 4:7)


Please read the book "Communication With The Spirit World of God, It's Laws and Purpose"  in the margin to the top left, first page.


          "I want to know how God created this world.   

  I am not interested in this or that phenomenon,  in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to  know His thoughts. The rest are details"    

          Albert Einstein, (Physicist, General theory of Relativity)                                                                       


   "And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. 

       Your sons and daughters will prophesy,                                                      

        your old men will dream dreams, 

         your young men will see visions."     (Joel 2:28)

  The BIBLE is the greatest spiritual work in all human history, of recorded Heavenly messages spoken by angels of God.


       "There are various ways in which God can manifest Himself. It may be that one of His spirits speaks to a human being, who then and there writes down the message word for word. Such were the messages from God that were received by Moses. He heard the voice of God's spirit speaking to him in the sacred tabernacle out of the cloud that overhung the ark of the covenant, and wrote down the words. Again, one of God's spirits may bring the message not in spoken words, but in the form of the letters of the alphabet. In such a case one letter after another is spelled out, and in this way words and sentences are formed. So it was with the messages that were sent by means of the high priest's breast-plate.—Again, one of God's spirits may make use of a mortal's vocal organs in order to speak, or his hand in order to write. This was often so with the prophets of the Old Testament.—Then, also, a spirit of God may so thoroughly imbue a man or a woman with thoughts to be expressed in speech or in writing, that this person's own thoughts are utterly eliminated, and he speaks or writes only as the spirit prompts. This is called "inspiration." Many of God's messages were delivered through the prophets of the Old Testament in this manner."   (Johannes Greber, Intro, New Testament Greber translation)


     There seem to be so many voices in the world who proclaim that they have the answer to all our spiritual seeking:   from self-help books,  with the goals of money and fame,  to  the many religious leaders who proclaim they have the true path  and source to perfection.

  This is confusing to most.    These opposing voices can't be all true and

the only source of the way to self fulfillment,  although they each claim

they do.  They can't all be the  right path because  each one contradicts

the other.

 Many  of the Christian churches  today teach false doctrines that had

nothing to do with Christ's teachings with His disciples,  such as the

 church doctrine of eternal hell instead of the original teaching of 

Salvation by repentance,  or the modern church doctrine idea of the  formless holy spirit  instead of

the original knowledge Christ taught of  many holy spirits, angels of God as the ministering spirits we read

 of in Hebrews 1:14, and finally of the catholic/pagan multi-theist doctrine of  three gods in one -trinity,

which was long ago  introduced by that catholic system into the Christian doctrine instead of the

original First Commandment of God:  "I am God ALONE, you shall have no other gods before ME."

This  was the very warning by Paul:  

   ( 1 Timothy 4:1) 1" The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons"   -   Today the preachers' messages are often fraught with error because of  scripture  mistranslations regarding spirit communication, and by purposeful forgery by ancient translators of the Scriptures.   These preachers are often aware of this difficulty of discerning the truth in the Scriptures and many make it their life-long study to try to sort out the translation problems. Few if any come to the right conclusion in the end, though they may struggle and endlessly pray for guidance. Many give up seeking that truth and begin and end with good works, hoping to fulfill the great commission by good works alone, which is good in itself.  The modern religious training is nothing like the original Schools of Prophets in the Bible. Modern religious leaders were not taught how to inquire of God,  to focus and to go "into trance" (Acts 10:10), or "in the spirit" (Rev 1:10) to receive messages from Heavenly spirits (1John 4:1-6).

  Instead of  seeking the spirits of truth, who are the source of truth, that Christ said can lead us to God, the church leaders were taught only historical references. The modern preachers keep their parishioners busy mostly with mundane activities.   The ability to concentrate and to pray and meditate in order to reach the holy spirits of Heaven sent by God, is missing entirely  in the churches today. Yet the ability to focus and to "walk in the spirit"(Gal 5:16) is not understood nor practiced daily any longer.

  With every denomination preaching that they alone have the true interpretation of the Scriptures, and that all others are wrong, we must conclude that either only one is right, or that they are all wrong and only God is right.   There can be only One Source of Truth.  Who better to ask for God's will than from those who are from Heaven,  God's holy spirits, the angels of Heaven? Who better to tell us how to get to Heaven than from those who live in Heaven, God's holy spirits.

   We read in the Proverbs 3:13

          "Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, who gains understanding,

               for it is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold." 

       We read again and again throughout  the Holy  Bible that God will send His angelic messengers to the seekers of truth.

     Today  on earth, there are many messages from the spirit world, through channelers/psychics  but  few, if any, make an attempt to seek out the God of the Old and New Testament.   Instead  of seeking wisdom from Above, the many psychics  are more interested in entertaining clients, busy seeking out  famous names from history, or attempting to reach former relatives out of curiosity.  Their clients  purposely seek out answers for fame, money and power or romance, the very same idols of old which led well known cultures in the past to their destruction as they listened with increasing obsession to the messages from  these demons of hell, leading their listeners away from the God of truth and   Jesus Christ, His Son.

        These spirits must be tested according to 1 John 4: 1-6.  

1 "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
2 This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God,
3 but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.
4 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
5 They are from the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them.
6 We are from God, and whoever knows God listens to us; but whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood. " (GNT)

  Few, if any of these so-called  psychics  will seek out a  Spirit of Truth  to  guide

them.  Most couldn't care less about Heavenly discernment, nor of

God's higher purpose for their life.  At the same time, Christians who 

 are taught spiritual discernment, to seek Christ alone, refuse the very

 method Christ taught to receive messages from Heaven, to fall into

 a psychic trance and speak to Heavenly angels to learn the truth. 

        **  When asked how he sleeps at night with the great responsibilities as President,

President Ronald Reagan said, with  a big smile, "I   sleep very well at night...after I've said my prayers. "            (4,20,1988 BBC Interview) **

       Through the pages of the Bible we often read again and again that God sent His answer to His followers.    But where can we  find an example of this promise today?   From modern,  self-absorbed psychics?    From professional preachers and in  their paid-for sermons?   Surely not! Of all religions, only Christianity has any form of discernment of spirits, and of which spirit to follow. Most all Christian churches have Biblical reference to that to follow Jesus Christ the Son of God is to keep from satan, to pray to the God of Christ and to keep to the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses. Most churches discern between good and evil acts, and study Christ's Sermon on the Mount. Of all societies of the world, and of all the religions, Christianity is the cream of the milk, so to speak, the best of all societies. But many churches have fallen to worldly patterns, unaware of the designs created by the evil one when he tricked translators of the Holy Scriptures to mistranslate and eliminate the importance of messages from Heaven for all followers of Jesus Christ, the very source, the holy spirits Christ promised to His followers when he was still on this planet.

     Most denominations of Christian  churches today  even warn us against seeking a spiritual answer directly from God.  Many a preacher states that all communication with the spirit world is of the devil and not of God - they say that God no longer sends humanity the Spirits of Truth - the very Heavenly spirits which  Jesus Christ, the Lord   promised to all His followers when He was on earth.  

   The reason the preachers steer their followers away from receiving direct messages from Heavenly angels  on their own, in their own prayer meetings at their homes with a gathering of friends and relatives,  is because then the preachers would be  out of a job and a guaranteed income - better Heavenly advice would replace their sermons.  The seekers of truth would have a Direct Source to ask God the answer, and the tithe money would no longer fill the preachers'  bank accounts. 

The tithe to God would be spent where God directly tells His followers to give it, or to use their resources, such as for the needy directly, without passing through the paid-for hands of any intermediary who takes a portion for themselves first before it reaches those in need.

   God is a Spirit.  Jesus Christ is a spirit. The Heavenly angels are spirits. Each creature is a spirit incarnated, including humans.  Heaven is in the spirit world.  The Realm of Earth is in the spirit world and the Physical Universe (which is merely condensed spirit energy from God) was created as the Plan of Salvation which God placed in the Realm of Earth. This is lucifer's domain, where he and 1/3 of the Heavenly angels (all in this Universe) fell to out of Paradise in Heaven eons ago. In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, it says that God created the physical universe, the planets and everything on each as the Plan of Salvation for all of the fallen angels (spirits). This is what is referenced in the Bible as the "ORIGINAL SIN"  which Jesus said  God forgives us for and calls us, the prodigal children, back to Him, our Father in Heaven.

   Adam and Eve, the first two to be materialized by God on our planet,  similar to all other planets with the same type of incarnating creatures, were among many leading spirits who made the mistake of following lucifer, thus leading those who listened to them to the same fate as theirs, in the Great Rebellion in Heaven eons ago. All humans on this planet are guilty of the same sin of rebellion with lucifer against God in Heaven, and must reverse all the evil inclinations in our characters which were part of the change of nature and loss of purity of spirit by that rebellion.

  In Isaiah 1:18  God says to all of the fallen spirits, all we of Earth,  “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool."

       Isaiah 14:12-16  says:    1"How you have fallen from Heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! (lucifer/ satan) You have been cast down to the EARTH, you who once laid low the nations."

             Jesus  Christ  told his disciples that He was returning to His Heavenly Spirit Kingdom before He left this planet. Christ also told the repentant criminal on the cross that this man would be with Him  in the spirit realm of  Paradise in Heaven that very day. (Luke 23:43).

        And  Christ promised to send  The Spirits of Truth to His followers, to remind them of all He told them and to further their knowledge of God's laws and His will.  (John 14:16-17)

    In Ephesians 1:17, Paul said, "that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him.

   Every person must work out their own salvation by steadfastness and consistency of a pure heart.   No human  leader  can  be placed on a higher place than any other human.  God alone is the Perfect Leader. He has sent us the perfect Intercessor, Jesus Christ.

     Who better to teach us all about Heaven and how to get there than from those who live there! Those who live in Heaven are  God's angels, the Holy Spirits, who we all were once part of as a wonderful family of one, and today, since our fall from Heaven, out of Paradise,  whom Christ sends as ministers of wisdom and guidance, our guardian angels, to keep us on the right path, to learn how to become more worthy of returning to the realms of Light. Only those who can bear the brilliant light of Heaven would be able to stand living among those of pure and clean minded character. Which means that this world is a world of lessons for purification and to grow in wisdom and harmony, in order to prepare each person for that final destiny, our Heavenly home.                                                                                                                                       

   Each   seeker of truth must move forward with this in mind:   that if we honestly ask of God for bread,  He will not give  us a stone.   He will guide us as we seek Him. And with His wisdom we  will grow in understanding.  

        For the beginning of faith is hope,  and in it's maturity is knowledge.   So we will begin with faith in   knowing that God will send His spirits of truth, as we read in Hebrews 1:14.     

    These days, the people who can receive  messages from the spirit world of are called many names -   instruments,  psychics, mediums or clairvoyants, to name a few.  The talent to communicate with the spirit world is similar in both good and bad people,  but the godly seek after the spirits of truth, whereas the evil minded man seeks after his own will, which then beings of hell interfere in that talent of communication and use that opening to cause many troubles for those who listen to those types of messages from low spirits.

      In the Bible, the most common titles of those who communicated with the spirit world were  called prophets or seers, and servants of God.  Elijah was a good prophet of God.   He challenged the infamous  450 'prophets of Baal' also  carried the same title "prophet" yet it was known by their evil intentions that they were only manifesting evil spirits.  

    Jesus  stated in the New Testament concerning discernment of spirit levels,  that " their fruits you shall know them..."    (Mathew 7:16)      Each person attracts a spirit similar to their own character. What you seek out will also attract to you. If a person remains truthful, seeking only the truth, they will have good spirits more often helping them. If a person seeks out mundane, worldly or even evil and selfish interests, spirits of a similar level will come to them. The fruit of their character will attract similar type spirits.

       Today we mostly call those who are able to communicate with spirits as mediums.  In the Old Testament mediums are mentioned as well.  In Isaiah (8:19)  God sends His message: "When someone tells you to consult mediums and spiritists, who cheep and gibber, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living?" The cheeping and gibbering, or rather the nonsensical noises and uncontrolled type of messages from low spirits through human prophets was to be avoided at all costs. Only God's holy spirits with wisdom and truth were to be listened to.

     In 1 John 4: 1-6, John says to only listen to those spirits who can affirm that Jesus of Nazareth was the incarnate Christ who defeated satan. (paraphrased).

  By the dead, the Bible means those spirits  or people who were separated from God.  The Book of Revelation (20:13) refers to Death as  another name for Satan when it says "Death and Hades gave up the dead..."

  Jesus said to one person. "Let the dead bury their dead..." (Luke 9:60), which means that those who are separate from God in their heart can go and do as they choose,  that is,  to spend time with those of the past, their 'dead'.    And Jesus continued, "But you go and preach the Kingdom of God"

   In John (11:25), Jesus said," I am the Resurrection and the LIFE", meaning that He was from God, the Source of Life, and was the very connection to God, the Savior Himself, who could give SPIRITUAL LIFE,  with God the Creator in Heaven

So, the term dead and living means either those who are with satan (death) or with God (Life).

 God warns the people not to consult those 'prophets' or 'mediums' who have no wisdom to share, but only make noises like animals and other unsettling signs of low and evil spirits manifesting.  Isaiah 8:19 19 "When someone tells you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living?"

  God said specifically to "Inquire of Him" (Isaiah 45:11), and to ask of Him of things to come and the truth concerning their lives.

     In this  modern day we have changed  the meaning of the words prophet and medium from what these words meant originally.    Both are the same gift or talent or skill - which is:  "the ability to communicate and to reach the spirit-world."   And depending on the level of spirit that the person is seeking,   we would regard them as either a good  prophet  or a deceptive  prophet.  

    There are  those who are communicating with mundane or evil spirits who are calling themselves good prophets, or good mediums.  These people might even think they are doing good.  They might believe they have good intentions and therefore will, without a question, be led by good spirits.  But this cannot be true, anymore than a person who thinks themselves honest can for that reason trust every other person on earth.

      The majority  of spiritists are learning from mundane spirits, as evidenced by their "type" of message.  If the spirits who are speaking through a medium (a prophet) are giving proof of their intellect and good character in their conversation, we might consider them as good spirits, possibly even  God's messengers. BUT we must further must test these manifesting spirits,  as we very specifically are warned about in  1 John 4: 1-6

(1 John 6:1-4).  "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ incarnate and come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus the incarnate Christ is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world."

  This is the only absolute method to be certain that we are speaking to a Heavenly spirit from God, after we have been able to discern their level of character and intellect, we must still test them with the question of their affirmation of loyalty to Christ with this: a good spirit will willing state, 

"I affirm that Jesus of Nazareth was the incarnate Christ who defeated satan and who returned to Heaven victorious."

  If a spirit cannot state this, or without pausing half way through or altering the statement in some other form, they must be sent away, and a prayer should be said to ask God to send a "Heavenly spirit to keep His control over all events"  during the time of prayer or in a prayer meeting.

           We hope  this site and these messages therein  may enlighten your day.   But we mostly hope it will draw you to God Almighty,  and that His love may you  find in your life as a  seeker of truth,  of freedom and of  intelligent knowledge,  provable knowledge.

         We read in Job 29:4:   "Let us discern for ourselves what is right; let us learn together what is good."

     It is this lesson from God that we can discern the truth from the false,  the good from the wicked.

Who better to teach us how to get to Heaven than those who are from Heaven?

The holy spirits sent by God are that Source of  Truth who Christ promised to His followers.

       In times past, we read in the Bible,  that God spoke to His loyal followers.  How else  did God speak?   We read in the Old Testament that God did speak, and He spoke through the Urim and Thummim,  also called the Breast Plate of Judgement .  He also used   the Arc of Covenant.  

 These other forms were outside the use of the human instrument, the prophets or mediums.

 It was a more perfect way to send a message,a  more direct voice rather than through a person.  We read about this in (Exodus 33:11) that the  "Lord spoke to Moses face to face as a man speaks to his friend".     And spoke through a  "bright cloud".  God Himself or Jesus spoke to Moses with the most important messages. Other times, the prophet Joshua, the son of Nun was available for one of God's angels to send personal messages on less important matters. 

       In those days it was possible to ask God questions and also then receive direct answers from God.   This is the basis of the messages that we often read in the books of the Bible  today.   

    There is a  a most important book which provides us with much guidance on this subject: "Communication with the Spirit World of God, It's Laws and Purpose", by Johannes Greber ( - also on this site free)   Please order one today and read of this phenomenal gift of spirit communication, or download it free on this site and read the whole of it.

This most discerning  book  of truth by  pastor Johannes Greber gives the reader a very specific order of methods by which any person can develop a direct connection with God's Heaven and His spirits of truth. 

  This popular  book, now in several languages around the world, was originally translated from the German to English in the 1920's,  with it's first printing in 1932 in America in English.

You can read and download the two PDF files of the book free on the link to the left.   

       Our Planet is  part of the system of the Physical Universe, in the realm called Earth

 in the Old Testament. Paradise (with the Garden of Eden) is that Heavenly realm of light

where eons ago, we all in this world in "The Outer Darkness" (like the night sky),  were par

 of the rebellion in Heaven, and are the 1/3 of the Heavenly spirits along with Adam and Eve,

 who were deceived and followed  lucifer (also known as satan,  meaning "adversary of God)

 into with corruption, and were kicked by God out of Paradise in Heaven long ago. 

 This is the "Original Sin" of which the Bible speaks and also that which we who are in this realm in

 the Earth realm are guilty of, like Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve, later, among the rising spirits

incarnating  through the stages of spiritual evolution through the animal kingdom in increasing stages

of upward-only  progression, were the first two on this planet who had made it to the human stage

and were therefore the  first two mentioned in the Bible who were the first to materialize on this

planet. God directly materialized  these first two spirits, which we read in the Bible that God took the

"dirt", or "clay", which we might today say "earth elements", or others might call 'earthly OD" . It is simply

the material of this planet which our bodies are made from.

   After Adam and Eve's physical bodies were created for their spirits to be on the physical plane on this planet, God

 having made them with the ability to pro-create, told them to be 'fruitful and multiply", which applies to having babies,

but also refers to teaching good character to their children. This is the manner all other spirits incarnated through

birth by way of ancestry of Adam and Eve  as humans.  The spiritual evolution is the Plan of Salvation

created by God to lead the fallen spirits (we all), back  to Heaven stage by stage. The prophet Daniel

relates to this rising back to God by his description of the dream  of a ladder which rises to Heaven

from hell, and of the lower spirits rising up that ladder, step by step, and the  Heavenly spirits

reaching down to help we fallen spirits in our stages of redemption back to God.

   What is Man?

              It is the  Life Purpose of every person who comes to this planet to clear their path to God,

and  to remove their personal  flaws in character, in order  to draw nearer the Source of all Truth, God Himself.

To this end every human has been  assigned  a Heavenly spirit guide from  God at their moment of birth in order

to not only protect  them from the evil spirit world which roams, seeking to destroy whom they might, but especially

 to guide that soul  towards God through life.,and to punish to the degree by a means of allowing a person suffering for their

 bad choices until they see why rebelling against God's laws are unfruitful.

  How a  person chooses to live their life will in the end be their  spiritual grade once returned to the spirit world.

The spirit world is the true existence.

          This physical existence is merely the classroom by which lower spirits incarnate (meaning "in flesh") in order to learn how to become more refined in nature.

Each planet  is created by God  and many with varying levels of progression and types of creatures progressing

together as on this planet.

On our planet,  and with  the stages of animal  and life existence,

from the lowest and simplest life form, the single celled amoeba, to the most complex, the human life form, each level

 of progression is a set stage of development, unchangeable, and is created as a level of school of refinement for the fallen spirits,

         What the mind attracts itself  to in a person's lifetime becomes that focus, which,   once removed  from the physical world 

by physical death, and having returned  to the spirit world   - the real and original, and  true world -    draws their spirit   (whether

creature or human)  toward  those areas of other spirits  with similar interests as themselves. 

    An evil minded person would draw toward  the evil spirits whom they would have followed in thoughts during their years

of life on the physical plane on one or another  planet which holds physical life of that stage.

There are many planets teaming with creatures of different sorts, just like  this planet, and are learning to progress toward

 harmony in Christ as are all creatures on our planet.   The Universe, like our oceans, are teaming  with life.   

     How rapidly a spirit progresses is up the the free choice of each individual.  Their desire and interest is the draw, up or down.

Like a ball which floats in liquid and rises or falls according to it's weight, so the weight of the mind, whether lofty and

 pure in heart and light, or heavy-minded, self-centered and petty, so a spirit will draw toward those areas in the spirit

world similar in vibration and interest as themselves.

A selfish person will still be selfish at their death and return to the spirit world and will naturally draw toward those

levels of similarity. A joyful, generous spirit will rise according to their love and harmony of their character.

 How you think is where you go, those of similar type are attracted to similar vibrations and levels of existence in the

 spirit world.  At any time a human or spirit can change their thinking (repent), and begin to choose better things, can

 begin to pray to God in a desire to seek truth over lies, good over evil.  God sends His angels according to the need of

 the individual.

      There is no eternal hell as falsely  taught in churches today.  There is Salvation for all, eventually, as the Bible relates

many times.  The oldest  Biblical translations did not even mention  'eternal hell'  but recorded  that the punishments of hell

 are only  for an eon a limited time, of suffering in hell for sins.  Once a spirit finally tired of repeating the same

mistakes and suffering for it on their own, without any intervention on the part of God to rescue them because of their own

 refusal of God's help,  that spirit would eventually desire to no longer  continue to choose rebellious and selfish ideals. At 

 every stage of repentance (meaning "changing one's thinking")  a spirit is instantly forgiven by God.

        Every fallen spirit is allowed  as many opportunities required in reincarnation physical lifetimes, in order to complete

their  journey upward to Heaven. Paradise in Heaven is the Original world,  and where all spirits existed before their  rebellion

with lucifer eons ago in Paradise, before being kicked out before their infection of corruption could spread to more in Heaven.

   A spirit's or person's salvation depends upon their personal choice to return  their original nature to near perfection once

 in Heaven long ago.

   The rebel spirits in Paradise rejected  Christ as Lord and God-appointed King over all the spirit world,  and fell with lucifer

 to Earth, this Outer Darkness, called hell. In order to return to Heaven, so a reversal of that choice is

 the requirement, to reject lucifer and to accept  God's only directly Divine-created Son, Jesus Christ as Lord and King only again. 

  God Created Christ with his counterpart female in Heaven as the first Born, and through whom all other beings came into

 being over ages of time. The Bible says God created male and female, to be fruitful and multiply. This applies to the Heavenly

 existence, This world is only modeled after the spirit world, (though in a much lesser perfected state) as a means to

 redevelop that better character within.  Every other creature was created through Christ, the Son of God.

      Once a person or a spirit  reverses their thinking (repents)  from evil, and turns back to God and Christ, the Scriptures

 say that God does forgive us, and will immediately help each spirit to rise out of their present circumstances to a better

  environment in order to learn how to become good, and prepare for our eventual return, step by step, to Paradise in Heaven.

         In the New Testament,  Christ tells to his listeners the story of the 'prodigal son', and how once that son repents of

his sins, he is  allowed back into his father's house with open arms. This reference is  specifically about lucifer, who will be

 the last spirit, the originator of the rebellion, who will be allowed back into Heaven. But Christ's story also refers to

 each and every fallen spirit who reside in this lower  universe of  the "Outer Darkness"  we call Earth. It's not only

this planet that the Bible calls Earth, but this entire Universe and the tremendous expanse of all the spirit world of

darkness that this relatively small physical universe is placed into that is called Earth in the Bible.

         Many a spirit has, while incarnated on this planet,  wasted their life  chasing  money, fame or power and committed

 other evil choices purposely.  Each individual is at least somewhat aware of their bad choices, even though one might try

 to ignore the Heavenly call to do good, and to harden their conscience against the voices of Heaven to follow Christ first.

          The spirit world is filled with humans regretting their misspent lives, often begging  God to return  quickly to the planet into

another re-incarnation for another opportunity to work out their salvation, and to make things right with those they caused harm. 

But because there are so many spirits who are desirous of salvation and for a chance at the school of life, there is a type of

 log-jam in the spirit world. The many human lives today are so misspent on material and selfish choices, and in not progressing

 they become a large crowd of billions of spirits now surrounding the planetary systems eager to reach back into the physical

 plane, having wasted their former lives with frivolous life decisions.   Other spirits who did not waste their former life are more

worthy to reincarnate first, and to receive that opportunity at another lifetime in continual progression. The spirits who used their 

previous life-time  recklessly  must wait, while those of more willing hearts are allowed a chance first.

The first would now be last in a sense, as the Bible says.

         The only reason for  a physical life is  to improve one's character  toward Christ, so that  once returned to the spirit world,

they would have repaired the relationships and been forgiven for  their sins of previous lives, and would have

 progressed passed that stage of personal development.  The True Purpose of a human life is to learn and to  pass

the spiritual tests of good  character which have been set before each spirit by the  holy spirit who arrive as guides and teachers. 

         When a spirit  utilizes the gift of a lifetime given to them as an opportunity to fulfill their duty to God

 and not to worldly or  selfish ends, they will be given further opportunities in higher spheres than this

 planetary level and higher, in order to further refine their nature in preparation for that final destination of

 the realms of Light in Heaven.  

         God doesn't punish us by sending us to hell. We do this ourselves  by following dark choices that  draw

us downward. Like a magnet, each spirit draws toward a crowd similar to their own selves - good with good,

evil with evil, selfish with selfish, or thoughtful and refined with the similar as their own self.

      It has been said by the holy spirits that if a person uses their life to the best of their ability to pass their

spiritual tests, they can complete their need to ever return to a physical life time. And further, the Heavenly

 spirits clarified that, even though there are mistakes in the holy Scriptures, if any person reads and

 then does what Christ and God said to become, to do and how to think, that person would

 receive the same salvation as any other redeemed spirit.   That spirit can continue on

to higher stages, not needing to return to the earth planetary levels of education.

      Once having passed all the requirements of intellect and natural refinement of character, a spirit will be ready

to continue on to higher destinations, cities and planes created our Heavenly Father as part of the next

stages of  our Redemption. There are many levels of progression between this earth, the 9th realm and

Paradise, the 10th realm, the first of the Heavenly realms where lucifer and his minions are not allowed

to interfere. There are also many parallel spirit spheres as those levels of existence here on this planet,

with trees, flowers, fruit, mountains and valleys, and all of the living patterns we see on our planet. The

physical plane is only a replication of the spirit world, the spirit world being the true and original existence,

and the physical planes only being a school of lessons to refine the character of each spirit that incarnates.

The only spirits that incarnate are the fallen 1/3 of rebels who fell with lucifer from Heaven, which the Bible

calls "the Original Sin".  There is only one exception to this and that is there are handfuls of Heavenly spirits

we read of in the Old and New Testament whose faith and good character was tested often in this world and

who consistently proved they were of pure character and were examples with messages from Heaven for mankind

to learn by. Job, Abraham, Isaiah, Elijah, Moses, Aaron, Mary the mother of Jesus and, of course, Jesus Christ

Himself, were among  of those Heavenly spirits who are known who incarnated on this planet, who never fell,

were never part of the rebellion with lucifer eons of time ago in Heaven.

       The acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord  and King is the greatest requirement in our redemption.

It was Christ who we of this world, rebelled against when we sided with lucifer, the first of the liars in the

 Great Rebellion in Heaven eons ago. It is therefore a requirement as part of our lessons, to reverse that evil


       God created the Physical Universe as His Plan of Salvation,  giving mankind His Son, Jesus Christ,

our only  true King.  This world is the fallen world which Christ came to forgive and redeem.


  - You can read more in better detail of this wonderful Plan Of Salvation, the good news, of  God's forgiveness,

in Johannes Greber's most remarkable book  titled "Communication With the Spirit World of God, It's

Laws and Purpose" (1932).   

    It can be found on the first page of this website at the top right. Please download and share it  with anyone

 you choose. There are 2 separate  PDF files  of Greber's main book, and one PDF of his New Testament translation.


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