There have been many accounts of materialization throughout the centuries. Abraham in the Old Testament

spoke with three Heavenly spirits who spoke to him about Sarah having a child in her old age,

all of which came to pass.

 In our modern day today we can read of accounts of materialization mediums who are available i

n certain circles to gather in

 a seance and to develop enough OD (energy) so that spirits might be able to materialize part of

or a whole body. Sometimes only a hand

 is materialized which writes a message on paper. This is similar to the account in Daniel's day

in Babylon when a hand materialized and wrote a

 message on the stone wall speaking of the fate which would befall that leader, Belshazzar's

during his wild feast when he was defeated

only hours later for his corruption.

    Carlos Mirabelli, the Brazilian materialization medium is a recent account which has many

photos of  such events.

  The greatest amount of recorded spiritual messages and materializations is recorded in the Bible.

Many Christians do not

 consider the spiritual means the Bible records as the Source. The great prophets of the Bible

were psychics and mediums.

  Philip was known to have dematerialized in one place and rematerialized in another, far away

from the Ethiopian  eunich of the

 queen. It was by the actions completed by the holy spirits in the spirit world, and not by any ability

done by Phillip, as even Christ

 Himself spoke - that none of the miracles were done by Himself, but by the Power of God alone.

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