by  Denise Freed

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            The Israelite lineage was born out of love for family and for God through
many generations; a God Whom was little understood until Abraham, a man of great
faith and love in sacrifice, was able to command on this planet the knowledge
that catapulted an empire of Israelite into the world and around the globe.
      It was this heart-felt love, manifested through Abraham's and Sarah's
lineage through their son, Isaac, and later their grandson, Jacob, who
was renamed Israel. Jacob/Israel's twelve sons would continue in God's
blessings and would earn the right to understand the God of Heaven.
This was accomplished by tests which were applied to these people by
God. Through these tests and lessons given to them, they learned
obedience to God over time. Each generation had to be tested. Some of
them passed the tests to remain true to God while others failed these
tests and were punished by being turned over to the dark forces that had
misguided them. Each generation, for each lineage of Abraham and
Sarah had to be built upon struggles, and minor and sometimes major
infractions in their trouble, while they discovered why love for family
and the world was so necessary for them to grow. Their strength came
only after great struggles and great loss sometimes. It was in their
struggle that they understood what was to be won in their doing right as
God had taught them.

     By their efforts in trying to serve God and keep His commandments,
Israel became the example to the world that the God of Abraham and
Jacob/Israel, the God who created all things, could be trusted as the only
true guidance for mankind. Abraham's struggle will not be in vain, his
faith which rested in the God of Heaven continues to spread to all the
families of the earth, as each person learns the lesson of faith taught to
Abraham and his chosen lineage through Jacob/Israel.
     The struggles were only part of the story. Each child who had to
learn the right path was to be taught by God through the angel
messengers He would send to each one of them. The story of the Bible
was built upon the spiritual gifts God brought to each child who sought
Him. The spiritual messages given to the Israelite comprise the majority
of the messages from God in the Old and New Testaments, through
spiritistic methods, we could call psychic or mediumistic talents today. It
was in this secondary struggle to reach upward to God and to practice
the arts of divination, that they were able to reach God in the several
means of messages they received, and many of which are recorded in the
      This book is meant to reintroduce the Bible in the original form of
spiritual beliefs so that you, the reader, might see this ancient book with
a renewed love for God's word, meant to lighten the load in life, and not
to create a burden of unreasonable rules to follow aimlessly, which Bible
revisionists added and altered in the Holy Scriptures over the centuries.
Christ complained about those same rule-making religious leaders in His
day as hypocrites. Today, these false teachers share their rules for money
making and harsh punishments sent by God as the path to Heaven, while
their followers learn nothing of the true path of character refinement,
taught by the angels of Heaven to mankind.

       As regards the most important questions of religion, the various
churches hold conflicting views. Man, being fallible, is at best a dubious
guide in these matters. To reach the truth of Heaven there can be only
one way, the good spirits who live in that place must provide it, and
teach mankind directly, without human intermediaries clouding up the
message with their own interpretations of the messages from Heaven, it
is the only way. If there is a beyond populated by a world of spirits, then
conclusive proof can only be had if those spirits will visit and enlighten
us, for they alone are able to tell us the truth about the great questions
relating to an after-life. So long as this gap between the good spirit
world and our own remains unbridged, mankind will remain in the
darkness of uncertainty and will continue to live in doubt of a God of
     Today, people laugh at those who speak of the bare possibility of
establishing communication between the world of men and that of
spirits. Those who have no understanding of a subject often ridicule it,
especially if it conflicts with their own beliefs. Rather than try to
understand, some people with the loudest voices speak against the
unknown and condemn it so that others would also reject new ideas, and
keep tradition controlling their future rather than truth. It is tradition that
is the greatest enemy of truth. Tradition is often followed by each
generation without being questioned at all, even if it makes no sense to
the followers. And so it has always been the same pattern regarding any
revelation or invention. In hopes to enlighten you, I offer the Bible as it
was meant to be read, as a spiritual guidance, taught by the spirits who
live in Heaven.


   Since the beginning of the time that humans have been on this planet,
they have been able to communicate with the world of spirits. Science
doesn't always agree with this, but then scientists are only learning of
natural forces through experimentation, observation or just like the rest
of society, and they don't yet know the rules of creation themselves.
We have many instances of spiritual communication from the Bible
stories and also from people's experiences.
    We live in a world in the visible material habitat as well as the
mostly invisible, but influential, spirit world. There is constant
interaction between the two daily in every person's life. Most are not
even aware of it because they are so used to it. It is said that up to fifty
percent of a person's thoughts can be influenced by the invisible forces
around them. After all, God created us as spirits with an ethereal body
first, and now we are incarnated (which means in the flesh) in a
condensed form, we call a material body. So in the clearest explanation
of our state of existence, we are spirits living in a shell of material flesh.
We live in two worlds. Most people are so caught up in daily activities
of gathering and accomplishing for the material existence portion, that
they happily ignore the impending return to the spirit state only a few
years ahead.
     When our physical body dies, it returns to the earth, while our spirit
enters the world of spirits and continues to live forever. The Old
Testament says, "All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to
dust all return" (Eccl 3:20). People who are clairvoyant can see into the
spirit world and those who are clairaudient can hear the spirits. In the
Old Testament, a person who was clairvoyant or had other spiritually
sensitive methods of discerning the spirit world, were called seers,
prophets or priests, whether male or female. Some who cannot see or
hear in the spirit world, can feel the spirits, or at least feel the vibration
that lets them know that spirits are present.
     God created the material and spirit world with specific balances of
interaction between the two. Both high and low minded humans and
spirits must follow those same laws of creation in order to reach one
another, whether for good or evil purposes. If we more fully understand
the perfection of the laws of spirit communication, it is easier to
recognize that the spirit world already influences us in our daily lives.
To begin to separate the two and know when the thoughts are our own
and when the thoughts are from other sources in the spirit world, we
might be able to more easily move through life with fewer mistaken
paths. By listening to the quiet voices behind our lives, we can begin to
recognize the higher spirits and separate them from the lower and more
unwise, possibly even negative spirits, that inhabit the invisible world
around us. If we learn the rules, we can learn to move with higher and
more pure spiritual influences more often.
     We mortals seem to assume that only the world of matter is subject
to laws, but God is a God of systems and of laws in all creation, material
and spiritual. In His doings He observes the laws which He himself
made and disregards none of them. All material creatures and all spirits
must observe these whenever one or the other wishes to communicate
with the other. People are in the habit of calling many things that happen
in the world a 'miracle' until the process of the set laws of God are
understood in that vernacular.


    There really is no such thing as a "miracle" according to the meaning
placed on that word as coming from nowhere and having no means of
explanation. Everything happens according to the same immutable laws,
not one of which supersedes or conflicts with another. If we raise a
stone, the law of gravity isn't turned off because we intervened, but
gravity has been overcome by a greater force like muscle, which
opposes the pull of gravity enough to pick the stone off the ground. We
see the physical hand and so we know that there is no miracle involved,
it was work done by someone to move the stone. If however, a stone
were raised by a hand invisible to us, we would consider this to be a
miracle because we do not see the force. We might think the stone was
rising of its own volition or by some mysterious power, possibly even
telepathic levitation. And yet there still must be some law of science
which explains the force that causes the stone to be lifted up, even if we
don't understand that force because we can't see it or conceive of it.
      There is a story of levitation in the Old Testament with the prophet
Elisha (2 Kings 6:1-7). The young prophets who were studying under
him had gone to cut trees near the Jordan River to build a new lodging
for themselves, having outgrown the old one as their numbers increased.
One of the student's ax head flew off its handle and into the muddy river.
Elisha threw a stick into the river and the metal ax head floated up to the
top of the water. The heavy ax head could not have lifted up unless a
force, such as an invisible hand of an angel (spirit) had picked it up for
the young men, to prove to them God's willingness to help them
accomplish good goals in their lives.
      Whenever anything happens that is out of the realm of human
understanding, we call it a miracle. If we could see what transpires, we
would understand that there really are no miracles. God created
everything by setting up laws that do not ever change and even God
observes His own laws. Humanity is not cognizant of all of God's laws,
but our ignorance of God's laws does not mean they do not exist. In past
ages people believed the earth was flat and that the sun moved around
the earth, now we would laugh at someone who still believed this, so
why is it acceptable to believe that we have discovered all of nature's
laws which are God's laws. When we understand how communication
works, we realize that there are no miracles, all of these things have an
explanation and all of them do not defy science since God created the
laws of science, or His own laws. Mankind has adopted God's laws for
their own in the governing of their countries, and many who say they do
not believe in God still follow these rules or defy them at their own peril.
    There is nothing 'miraculous' in the fact that the spirit-world should
communicate and speak with mankind. Whenever God's spirits speak to
us they do so according to fixed laws which they are bound to observe,
and which would have to be observed equally by any evil spirit which
might desire to speak to us. When we compare this to our telephone,
there are many of nature's laws which we must comply with before we
can use these for speaking. We must have a current, wires and other
parts to transmit speech and adapted to the laws of acoustics and
electricity, and these laws apply whether the phone is used by a good
citizen or by a criminal.
       Communication between the spiritual world and the material world
happens all the time, but to various degrees. Some people barely sense
that there are spirits around or what the spirits tell them, in an entirely
instinctive way, while others have greater cognizance of their guidance.
The so-called mediums have these natural abilities highly developed and
are able to communicate with the spirits and interact with them by
several means, listening, seeing, writing. Direct manipulation of physical
objects by spirits is also possible., however, for it to happen the spirits
need the help (voluntary or not) of the ethereal energy received from
material sources. The source can be plants, animals, the earth itself, or
from human mediums with particular abilities for physical effects.
       Communication with the spirits is often called spiritualism or
spiritism, and there are many critics who describe it as charlatanism,
pseudoscience, heresy, anti-Christian, witchcraft and even Satanism.
Today many churches misunderstand the spiritual meanings found in the
Bible. For example, in the NIV Bible, God tells Moses that all mediums
and spiritists must be put to death, whereas the King James Bible says
that God tells Moses that all those who have familiar spirits and wizards
must be put to death. There is big difference between these versions.
Familiar spirits and wizards were witches, those who communicated
with low spirits only. But rules of contact between the spirit and the
flesh are the same for both high and low spirits even to this day. When
God commanded that the Hebrews were to not consult the low spirit
realm and gods of other tribes, He said, "Inquire of me, ask me of things
to come concerning my sons, and concerning the works of my hands".(Isaiah 5:1)
      Those who reject spirit communication fail to realize that the Bible is a
collection of works which is almost entirely based on spirit communication, so
if you believe in the Bible, you believe in spirit communication. The four
gospels in the New Testament are claimed to be the inspired word of God
while all of the miracles performed by Jesus, the apostles, and the Old
Testament prophets, are proof positive of the interaction between spirits and
physical beings. Not only that, but Jesus promised that everyone could work
towards the same communication that He possessed. Jesus promised to send
the spirits of truth to His followers.

     In Biblical days most understood spirit communication, it was not
something out of the ordinary. The good prophets or seers were forever
passing on messages from God's kingdom warning people not to
communicate with the lower or evil spirits, it was called idolatry, or
adultery or harlotry.
      In the New Testament, Paul speaking to the Corinthians says, "Now
we have not received one of the evil spirits that rule the world, but a
spirit that comes from God, thus we deliver the spirit's message in the
same words in which the spirit gave it to us. True, a worldly-minded
man does not accept what comes from a spirit of God, for he looks upon
communication with God's spirit-world as madness. Neither is he fit to
understand it correctly, for only those who know the laws governing
spirit communication can properly judge it" (Cor 2:12-15).
       Not much has changed, those who would reject and ridicule spirit
communication are those who have no idea how the process works, and
yet they set themselves up to be the judge of such things of which they
know nothing.

     In the mid 1800's Baron Karl Von Reichenbach opened a whole vista
of new knowledge when he discovered the existence and properties of
what he called "Od force", a force that flows from minerals and light, in
plants and animals, and even radiates from the stars. The Od or Odic
force, named for the Norse god Odin, is a mysterious force that
permeates all things, that is everywhere present, and surely must be
easily revealed, but is not consciously perceptible to most.
      Rudolph Steiner believed that all human beings had senses that could
perceive the ether, and that, especially through initiation and mental
discipline, these senses could be awakened. He believed that the mind
may be trained to see subtle forces, like the Odic force.
        All life in both the material world and in the world of spirit is bound
up with this odic force. This is the most powerful force in creation, and
it is the force by means of which God, who is the source of this force,
can overthrow all things, and the means by which He and his spirit
world perform the greatest 'miracles' as we call them. It is the force
which renders the Magician capable of superhuman performances,
inasmuch as his own powers are increased by the spirit world, whether
the good or the evil, depending on which of the two he is in
communication with.
     The way that humankind can communicate with spirits is by the use
of this energy, or "life force" or "od force". God creates the conditions
by which we can communicate with Him or with His angels or spirits.
Since everything contains energy, He can draw upon this energy and use
it in whatever method He wishes, all we have to do is follow the laws
that He has created. One of those laws is the ability to condense and
expand energy or od.
     We can use the example of changes in water. When the sun heats a
body of water, the water evaporates and becomes a cloud until it is
cooled off and falls back to earth in a more condensed form, called rain,
with extra condensation, it becomes a solid that we call ice. In a similar
manner, the matter which makes up our body can be de-materialized and
can be condensed to appear as a cloud and re-condensed into matter. We
all understand the laws governing evaporation and condensation,
evaporation requires hot currents while condensation requires cold
      According to Johannes Greber's book, "Communication With the
Spirit World of God, It's Laws and Purpose", all bodies of terrestrial beings are condensed od or
energy derived from the odic radiation of the earth and that of its
surrounding heavenly bodies. The body, therefore, is nothing but od
condensed into substance, and this is true of all bodies, not only those of
human beings, but those of animals, plants and minerals. The od of
individual material organisms represents a mixture of od of the most
varied strength and kinds, produced by wonderful laws unknown to man.
Their growth and their taking material shape are subject to those
self-same laws of odic condensation.
     In man this mixture is different from that found in animals, different
from that found in plants, different from that found in minerals. The
difference obtains not only between the primary groups of Nature, but
between individual organisms within the same group. The odic
composition of the various human races differs and not all members of
the same race have the same odic composition, and every individual has
his own odic composition, which is not the same in any two human
beings, and the same thing applies to animals, plants and minerals.
      At the death of terrestrial bodies the odic force remains vested in the
spirit, for those bodies possess no independent energy force of their own,
it is only the spirits which have taken possession of the bodies which
have that power. The words "Of earth thou art, to earth shalt thou
return", therefore apply to all terrestrial things.
      Everything that has life has energy or od, every person, animal, plant
and heavenly body. There is energy in water, air, fire and earth.
     There is od or energy in all terrestrial bodies and it radiates beyond
them to a certain distance that we call an 'aura' and which some people
can see. We often see pictures of some we think are holy with a halo
around their heads, could it be that someone who was clairvoyant had
seen the aura around the heads of others to draw such a picture.


      We transmit energy from one living thing to another. We take the
energy from the plants we eat, and we use the energy of plants, beasts
and minerals as remedies for our own ailments. The heavenly bodies as
well as the earth give us energy. People take energy from each other; a
mother gives energy to her sick child as she comforts it, and the child
feels better. An ill person will heal faster if friends visit because they
transmit energy to the ill person. A healthy person who sleeps with old
or sick people for any great length of time takes on a sickly appearance
while the sick person feels better, and for this reason children should not
be allowed to sleep in the same bed with old people.
      When King David was old and sick, he was unable to keep warm
and a young girl was sent to take care of him to keep him warm, "So
they sought for a fair damsel throughout all the coasts of Israel and
found Abishag, a Shunamite and brought her to the king" (Kings 1-4).
Abishag was not just any young girl, she was a medium or prophet who
could use her energy to heal and comfort King David.
     We also transmit energy or od to everything we touch. A
clairsentient person can feel the energy from an item owned by someone
and tell us about the owner. A sensitive person is sometimes
uncomfortable wearing second hand clothing or owning second hand
items because of the energy of the original owner. We often feel
attracted to people or repelled by their presence all because we can feel
the energy or vibration of that other person. A dog can follow the
energy of a lost person by familiarizing himself with the energy of that
person. Birds can return to their nesting place by following their own
energy. Our energy produces a trail from the beginning of our life to the
end of it, like a person carrying a bag of sand with a hole in the bag;
wherever the person goes, it can be traced. If this is the criteria for the
eventual decision for the life of our spirit after death, there is no room
for error.
     When someone is healed by the touch of a hand, they sometimes can
feel the energy from the person's hand, it feels like electricity or heat.
Some so-called healers can sometimes give their od to invigorate a weak
person and induce healing, and God may allow angels to heal people,
such as we read all through the Bible, and especially with His son Jesus
Christ. Because Christ was given the most important mission to save all
mankind, great power was given to him to manifest God's power to
mankind. Christ's own mediumistic healing ability was the greatest
possible because he is the greatest of spirits created by God.
     The extent to which the spirit of a person can infuse strength into his
physical energy through the spirit's own power and by the exercise of his
will power, can be observed in life in many forms. The physical energy
force of paralyzed persons, threatened with great danger, often receives
a sufficient amount of energy through the will power of their spirit to
restore to them the use of their limbs, temporarily at least. This same
effect is produced by a patient's firm expectation of getting well. Will
power expressed in courage, hope, faith and cheerfulness is the best
remedy and is the best safeguard against contagious diseases. Lack of
will power and of courage, fear and timidity have the opposite effect.
Free will is the greatest gift God could have bestowed on His children,
and this requires us to be engaged in every thought, decision and action
that we deem to choose.
     Jesus did not heal everyone, but only those whom God decided
should be healed because of their good character or their possibility of
improving. When someone is healed, the healing may not last if the
person does not have a change of heart and continues in his present
attitude. Most of the healing done by Jesus was to prove the power of
God to the people. After each healing, Jesus would say, "Go and sin no
more, lest a worse fate befall you", which leads us to believe that 
the person's attitude was important in their healing.
     The apostles also were in communication with God's spirits and were
enabled by them to perform healing among the people. It is usually
difficult to convince people of your message unless they see some
miracle to attract their attention, just as we use a brightly colored object
to get a child's attention before we can teach them something.
     There are many clergymen who hold crusades where they preach and
experience healing among the crowd. I have been privileged to attend
one of these meetings with the Pastor Benny Hinn. On that particular
day, a child who was deaf was healed as well as some who could not
walk. I cannot prove to you more than I could see for myself, but he
seems to see by clairvoyance and announces the healings as they occur.
Everyone in the audience were holding their hands in the air and so I
decided to do the same to find out what the reason was, and I felt a great
deal of electricity in the air radiating around my hands. Therefore, I
think that a lot of energy the holy spirits used to heal was taken from the
people in the crowd as well as from Benny Hinn.
     In recent times, Reinhard Bonnke, an evangelist, born in 1940 in
Germany, is known for his great gospel crusades in Africa. At the time
of this writing, he is still active and is privileged to see the most amazing
healings. His crowds number up to a million people at a time and the
crusades must be held outdoors to accommodate everyone.
      When we see the videos of the crusades that Rev Bonnke holds,
there are many people leaving wheelchairs and people healed from
deafness and other health problem. There is one occurrence of a mother
who brought her newborn to Rev Bonnke after the first day of the
crusade and showed him that the child had no eyes. The next day she
returned to the crusade and showed how there seemed to be a couple of
marble sized balls under the skin where the child's eyes would be. Then
on the third day, she showed the baby with completely formed eyes and
eyelids. This phenomenon is often experienced in such crusades.


      When a person has an out of body experience, the spirit leaves the
body but it eventually returns because it is attached to the body by a
band of energy or od, sometimes called a cord of energy, or a silver cord
(eccl 12:6). When people die, this cord is broken and can never be
re-attached. The only way for the person to return to physical life is to
temporarily materialize or reincarnate in a body by birth. All of the
stories we hear of people who were really ill, died and returned to life
are not the fulfillment of permanent death and the breaking of the odic
silver cord. They did not entirely die, but their spirit left their body and
returned. It does not matter how long they were gone, their energy cord
had not broken. Doctors do not really know when the silver cord breaks,
but they decide by our lack of brain waves that we are too weak to return
to our former self. From the time that a person is said to be dead to the
time that the silver cord breaks might be instant or several days.
     In the account in the New Testament of Lazarus being restored to
life even after he was wrapped in burial clothes and entombed, it was the
Divine Spirit world which restored all energy and repaired all organs
necessary to reanimate Lazarus in his human body. His odic cord
connecting his spirit to his body was not entirely disconnected. Jesus
made this known to his disciples when he said, "Our friend Lazarus is
asleep" (John 11:11) although he appeared to everyone else as dead. But
since the people didn't understand what Jesus meant, he finally said
Lazarus is dead� (John 11:14) only to put an end to the conversation at
that time.
     One of the most remarkable stories is regarding a young woman in
Nigeria whose husband, Daniel, was in a motorcycle accident and after
being checked by two different doctors was pronounced dead and taken
to the morgue. After three days in the morgue, the woman decided that
since God can do anything, there was no reason why He could not return
her husband to her, so she had her friends take her husband out of the
morgue and returned to her village. Then she had them take him to a
crusade in a building where Reinhard Bonnke was preaching. They were
not allowed to take the dead man into the hall so she placed him in an
adjoining room and they all prayed for him. After some time that same
day, her husband was returned to his full capacity. He returned to his
village to see his father and to greet all of his friends and neighbors.
     If these people had faith in God before this, you can imagine the
faith they had after this occurrence. We know that this man was not
really dead because the energy cord was not broken, otherwise he could
not have returned to life, but it would have taken a great deal of
mediumistic power from Clergyman Bonnke to have this result. The
story is known as the Lazarus story, and for good reason. Jesus did say
that anyone who believed could do what he did and more.
     Rev Reinhard Bonnke has also held crusades in America, but is
particularly known for his African visits. He claims that he sees life in
pictures. When evangelists are asked why the people of Africa and
similar countries seem to have so much more faith than those in more
developed countries, we are told that they believe in spirits, good and
bad, so it is not a long trip to believe that a God Who is this powerful
can create such miracles.
     We, in so-called more enlightened countries, have much more work
to do in order to understand and act in the manner that Jesus and his
apostles did, because the churches have forbidden all communication
with the spirit world for so long that most do not even know how to hone
our skills so that we can communicate with the spirits They teach that all
spirit communication can only be with the evil spirits. They give no
credit to God for His ability to communicate with man. Could it be that
if we all learned to communicate directly with God's spirits some would
suddenly find themselves unemployed? Many Christian churches do not
recognize that their whole belief system is based on the Bible which is
almost completely based on spirit communication.
      Most churches today teach that Jesus after his death returned to
physical life, as a physical resurrection. Jesus' spirit was permanently
released from his physical body. The band of energy was broken never
to be re-connected, so he could not have returned to physical life, "Or
ever the silver cord be loosed" (Eccl 12:6). But Jesus did materialize
several times and appeared to hundreds of his disciples after his
crucifixion and death and disappearance from the tomb. Eventually he
de-materialized and returned to Heaven. The words life and death in
the Bible usually mean spiritual life and death. Spiritual life is life with
God and spiritual death means living without God as when the word
death is used to describe Satan, the angel of death. Jesus had descended
to the lower spheres which are the spheres of the dead, or hell, and then
returned to the higher realms, the realms of the living in Heaven.
      In the Bible, Jesus is sometimes reported as being non-physical,
"...being put to death in the flesh, quickened by the Spirit", (1 Peter 3:18).
Then sometimes he is portrayed as being physical, "Behold my hands
and feet, that it is I myself...." (Luke 24:39). It would make more sense
that he had died and was materializing and that was why the two women on the road
did not always recognize him until they heard his voice. "And when she
 had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing
and knew not that it was Jesus" (John 20:14).


       The world of God's spirits has been excluded from the Christian
churches. The leaders of the churches have "extinguished the holy
spirits". However, wherever God's spirits are forced to give ground,
others appear, the very ones of which Paul writes to Timothy, "God's
spirit world expressly declares that in later times, many will fall away
from the true faith turning to spirits of deceit, and spreading doctrines
inspired by demons" (Tim 4:1-2). Today we have a Christianity split
asunder into countless sects, each preaching many things that are not
true, and each believing its own creed to be the one and only true gospel
of Christ.
     The churches tell us that the Bible warns us against 'inquiring of the
dead'. This does not mean that we are not to inquire of anyone who does
not have a physical body, inquiring of the dead means those who are
spiritually dead, the low and evil spirits who are in the world of Lucifer,
who is called "death". In (Isaiah 8:19) God says "Why consult the dead
on behalf of the living". If the Bible were speaking of the physically
dead, then we must realize that God does not have a physical body
      Moses when he was saying goodbye to the Israelites before his
death, told the people. "See, I have set before thee this day life and good,
death and evil", (Deut 30 :15). Moses did not mean that they could
remain physically alive forever but that they could have spiritual life.
     Before Jesus died he told his disciples that he had to leave in order
that he could send them the holy spirits to teach them the things that they
could not yet understand and to remind them of all the things he had
taught them. His plan was not that people should create religions and
teach from their own store of knowledge, but that the leaders should
communicate with the good spirits and use this information to teach. He
himself never tired of telling people that he did not teach on his own but
only taught what his Father in Heaven, through the holy spirits, told him
to teach. God's spirits are the sole source of the truth, this is the legacy
that Jesus bequeathed to us in his last hours.
     Some churches practice what they call "moved by the spirit", by
which a spirit speaks through someone which they call "speaking in
tongues". They believe that this is 'the holy spirit' speaking through the
person and is to be much desired. Paul encouraged his congregations to
practice speaking in tongues only if there were someone who could
translate that language so that everyone could understand, since
speaking a foreign language did nothing to enlighten the people if there
were no people present who understood the foreign language. The
churches believe that there is only one holy spirit, "the holy spirit", but
there are many holy spirits and there are also many low or evil spirits.
Speaking in tongues is not proof that holy spirits are communicating, but
only proof that spirits of any type can communicate through people.
Depending on the character of the churches and of its people, any kind
of spirit could be speaking through mediums, and if they are speaking in
a language unknown to the congregation, how do they know what these
spirits are saying? These gifted people would be such a blessing to their
churches if they could practice letting the good spirits speak in the
language of the congregation.
      "During  Biblical days, many knew the rules of communicating with
spirits. God was forever sending messages through His prophets warning
against communicating with low or evil spirits. Once people were in the
habit of communicating with the evil spirits, their obsessions prevented
them from ending the practice. They looked at their idols as gods since
evil spirits used these idols to create all kinds of extraordinary effects.
Once the people were taken in by these spirits they were enticed to even
sacrifice their children to these idols and to commit all kinds of heinous
crimes, and they seemed powerless to walk away from these spirits.
     This idol worship was a backward step for the Israelites. God had
allowed them a material body to help them progress on this earth in
order to return to Heaven, but now they were returning to their roots.
Having been given a chance to learn about the true God, they were
returning to their worship of idols. It might be a long time before they
could incarnate on earth again to remove their character flaws. There is a
war on this earth between good and evil for the minds of mankind and
we are allowed to choose a side once more as we were allowed to while
in Heaven; we can choose to follow Jesus and return to Heaven or we
can choose to keep following Lucifer and remain at the lower levels, or
even go down to a lower level than we already are. Many people regret
the bad choices they made on earth once they return to the spirit world.
The Bible talks of salt as a metaphor to cleanse one's soul by
purification, burning out all impurities in life just as salt can be painful if
it is applied to a wound, in the end, will also heal the wound. By
exposing mankind to his or her character flaws even though it might be
painful, will in the end prove to be the best way to cause a change in
each person. In the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the
Bible says that Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt when she returned to
her old lifestyle of debauchery. This explains the degree of sorrow and
regret she encountered once she returned to the spirit world.
      When Moses was on Mount Sinai, the people grew impatient and
had Aaron make them a golden calf which they worshiped. Then Moses,
"Took the calf and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder and
strawed it upon the water and made the children of Israel drink of it." (Ex
32:20). It is well known that gold has a purifying quality and Moses was
guided by the good spirit world to do this to increase the vibration by
pure od sources to break the hold of evil spirits over them, as a last effort
to bring them back to their senses and to lead the people away from the
dark path they were following. It was to purify the people who had
contaminated themselves by worshiping their idol. There is a nutritional
supplement called 'colloidal gold' that some people take to improve their
memory. It is claimed to be useful in helping those who have had
concussions as well.
      Of all the minerals, gold has a great value because it does not
deteriorate, does not rust, oxidize or mix over time with impurities in the
atmosphere. It is malleable, is a great conductor of energy, and as
mentioned, also has healing properties when applied to the human body
in the correct form. When the Bible talks about God guiding His creation
to a continual path to greater purity of character and spirit, the message
in the Bible compares it to purifying gold in a hot furnace, "Behold I
have refined thee as silver." So also, it may seem like a fiery event to
change habits and to adopt a more pure character, in the end the spirit
once purified can now be counted as more valuable for greater purposes
wherein God can guide each person..


      When God, or an angel that He sends, speaks to someone in the
physical world, as He did with Abraham, He cannot be heard unless He
uses the energy of the earth to condense His speech or His vocal chords
to be heard in the physical creation. These laws of spirit communication
from Heaven is mentioned when God utilized His laws of creation for
Abraham to hear. "When the sun went down and it was dark, behold a
smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces"
(Gen 15:17). The odic current, when only slightly condensed, looks like
a cloud of smoke and has a reddish-yellow gleam in the dark, like the
flame of fire.
      In the story of Moses, God called him to go back to Egypt to rescue
His people while Moses was living in his new land of Midian after
running away from Egypt. Moses saw a burning bush and heard the
voice of the spirit or angel, "...the bush burned with fire, and the bush
was not consumed." (Ex 3:2). The bush was not really burning, it was
glowing. This tells us that the angel appeared at night. Had it been
daylight, it would have looked like a cloud. Again the angel was not
fully formed and Moses could only see the energy of the partial
     When God sent an angel to lead Moses and the people out of
Egypt, "And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud, to
lead them the way, and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to
go by day and night"(Ex 13:21). It was not necessary for the angel to
completely materialize, all that was necessary was to partially condense
the angel's ethereal body and let the people follow. When energy is only
partially condensed, it appears as a cloud in the daytime and as a light or
fire in the dark. God used the energy of the earth and everything on the
earth to condense the pillar of cloud and fire. It would have taken more
energy to have the angel appear completely but it was not necessary, and
God does not waste energy when the right amount will suffice.
     When God wished to speak to Moses and the people, on Mount
Sinai, He gave specific instructions regarding what would take place.
He told Moses that in order for the people to hear Him, He would cover
the mountain in a huge cloud. The denser the cloud, the louder the
sound. The same is true of our radio, the stronger the current, the clearer
the sound.
     Moses had to warn the people not to go near the mountain while the
cloud was forming and that if anyone, man or beast, came too near the
mountain they would die. "Whosoever toucheth the mount shall be
surely put to death." (Ex 19:12). God was not threatening the people with
death if they disobeyed, if so, what about the animals, why would God
punish them, they did not understand what was going on. God was not
threatening to punish the people, He was looking after their safety. In
order for the material world to hear the voice of God, the holy spirits in
charge of the job called Cherubim or chemists, had to use the laws of
materialization of matter to condense that voice.
     The clouds were the condensation of that energy. Just as rain clouds
release electricity in the form of lightning as they condense which we
see when it grounds to the earth, so also the condensed energy which
God used to communicate with His servants also released electric energy
as it condensed. During the condensation of the energy, it was not safe
for any creature to be near or they would act as a lighting rod grounded
to the earth. Once the cloud had formed, the current was shut off and it
was safe for the people to advance toward the mountain. From the dense
cloud, the people could hear the voice of God and they were terrified,
this was all so new to them. When God required anyone to approach the
current, as He did with Moses, He provided insulation to keep him safe,
just as we use insulation to protect ourselves from electrical currents
here on earth. The cloth that covered Moses' face, was required of Moses
when he went up the mountain to meet with God.
     When Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene after his death on the
cross, the Bible quotes Jesus as saying, "Do not touch me! I have not yet
ascended to the Father." (John 20:17). This cannot be the reason for not
touching him, as he appeared to the apostles and allowed Thomas to
touch him although he had not yet ascended to the Father. To understand
this quote you need to understand that he was just in the process of
materializing, and had Mary touched him at that time, it would have
interfered with the materialization and caused harm to Mary.
     The same effect was present when Jesus de-materialized before his
apostles. At the final exit by Jesus after his victory over Lucifer, he
disappeared in brilliant "clouds of glory", by de-materializing into the
spirit world and back to his throne in Heaven at the right hand of God.
"When he had spoken these words a cloud suddenly enveloped him from
his feet to his head, and he was thereby withdrawn from their sight" (Acts
1:9). Jesus was not hiding behind a cloud in order to disappear, he was
the cloud that was created by his de-materialization.
      On the day of Pentecost, a great gust of wind was heard and above
the heads of each of the disciples, "Tongues as of fire appeared before
them, and dividing, settled on each one present. Every one was filled
with a holy spirit and began to speak in foreign languages whatever the
spirit prompted him to utter." (Acts 2:3). By the fact that the energy or
od looked like flames tells us that this happened at night, possibly
around one o'clock in the morning.
     This is an example of the fact that there are many holy spirits or
angels, and in this case each disciple fell into a trance and experienced
an individual Heavenly spirit which spoke through them in a particular
language, so that the onlookers could each hear their own language. The
phrase, "the holy spirit" as used by the churches teaches that there is
only one holy spirit and that it is an entity unto itself. The term "the holy
spirit" is a collective noun, just as when we say, "I will get the doctor",
does not mean that there is only one doctor.
     The people in the Bible, who were still communicating with the low
spirits, set up their places of worship and also burned sacrifices to create
the odic currents. It says in the Bible that they sacrificed under trees and
in shady places. The people did this because in order to communicate
with any spirit by a human, whether that spirit is a pure spirit from
Heaven or is a low and evil spirit from lower realms, the same rules of
spirit communication apply. They worshiped in cool and shady places
because cool places are more conducive to communication. Scientists
often ridicule those who hold seances in the dark, believing that the dark
allows for sleight of hand. But apparitions are more easily seen when it
is dark and cool, as heat and light dissipates the energy. It would be as
foolish to ask a photographer to develop his pictures in the light.
Communication with low spirits uses the same methods as that to
communicate with the high spirits, just as a telephone can be used for
good or evil.
      When the Israelites won a war, they were often told to destroy
everything in that area, including all the evil people, their children who
had begun to follow that same path, the plants that had been dedicated to
the evil spirit world, even all the animals of that same infected village,
just as a plague can only be stopped by burning everything infected by
that disease today. This seems like a drastic measure, but it was because
the people in that area were sacrificing to idols, which are evil spirits.
This practice contaminates all of the people and everything they are in
contact with. God did not want any of this contamination to touch His
people, the Israelites. He didn't want His people to be taken over by the
low and evil spirits, for then He would need to begin all over again,
raising another group of people whom He could teach in order to raise
the character of the known world. Mankind being closer to the control of
low realms than in higher realms, is susceptible to both physical as well
as mental diseases of character and mind. In the time of the ancient
Israelites, it was much more compelling to pay attention to these evil
spirits because they could actually see and hear them, since continual
communication strengthened their mediumistic abilities.


   In the days of Moses, God gave the Israelites the Tent of Testimony
in order to help them abandon the worship of idols. In the tent of
testimony, was the Ark of the Covenant that Moses built according to
God's instructions. There are many opinions regarding the use of this
ark. Most people think that the ark was only a type of box to hold the
tablets with the ten commandments, a pot of manna and Aaron's budded

     The Ark likely contained all of these articles but it had a much more
important purpose. God said to Moses, "There I will meet with thee and
I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat from between the
two cherubim which are upon the Ark of Testimony of all things which I
will give thee in commandment unto the children of Israel", (Ex 25:22).
This doesn't sound like God only wanted the children of Israel to have a
container for the sacred objects but to use it to communicate with Moses
and His people.
      The ark was to be covered in gold and only built with the purest of
materials so that there would be no contamination from impure energy
sources. Among the minerals, gold, silver and copper possess the purest
mineral odic mixture, as shown by the fact that they do not rust. For rust
collects by the absorption of impure od, which has a destructive effect
on any other od into which it penetrates. Also the top of the ark had
carvings of two cherubim whose wings touched each other, to contain
the energy just as the burning bush held the energy. With this energy, the
Lord could make Himself heard. In Exodus 33:11, it says this very thing;
"The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend."
This phenomena is called "Direct Voice", where they could hear the exact
words spoken by the angel. As we know, anytime that a human is used
to communicate with spirits, there is always a chance for error. God
wanted to communicate directly with the people thereby bypassing
humans altogether. He also wanted to communicate with the Israelites
on a daily basis, and just as God required that we strive in all things, so
also He wanted the people to supply as much energy on their own,
without needing to use energy brought by Holy spirits.
     Terrestrial beings are carriers of terrestrial od, and since the energy
of the material world is a complex mixture of varieties of od taken from
all over the earth; the od required to enable God to speak with men was
drawn from a great variety of earthly sources, including minerals, plants,
herbs, oil, wine and animals.

     A very important requirement was the preparation of the od itself
which would be used by the Heavenly spirits to create the
materialization, and was seen floating as a cloud above the ark. This was
required for the production of the sounds by which God spoke to Moses.
The spirit sounds were condensed by the terrestrial od of the cloud to the
extent necessary to make them audible to human ears. As the Bible
says; "And when Moses entered the Trysting tent to speak to Him, he
heard the voice speaking to him from above the cover on the ark of the
presence, between the two cherubs: and the Eternal said to him."
     The people burned parts of animals plus grains, oils etc. to produce
the cloud of energy through which the Lord could speak. Only certain
parts of the animal were used, those parts that produced the purest od.
When the ark of the covenant trapped the partly materialized energy
sources from the burning sacrifices, the person who stood nearby could
hear the message that God wished to impart to the people. A similar case
of de-materialization of energy sources and re-materialization happens
today in another way by the digestion of food we eat, breaking the
individual molecules down to their simplest state where they are guided
by sophisticated systems in our bodies to create the various organs and
substances that make up our bodies.
      Aaron and his sons would be the only ones allowed where the energy
was collected. They had to be clean and wear only garments that were
of the purest fabric so as not to contaminate the area. When Aaron's
sons died for not following the instructions, again, it was not that God
wanted to punish them, it was that they did not follow the rules to
protect themselves from the powerful currents forming at that moment.
     The animals for the sacrifices had to be only those whose od was of
the purest. The beasts called unclean in the Bible are those having the
lowest and most impure od of any creatures whose flesh could not
conceivably serve for human food. That also is the reason why the
people were forbidden to eat the flesh of unclean animals. For instance,
the flesh of swine is not to be recommended as an article of diet,
particularly for growing children. What we call scrofula would scarcely
be found among children if they were denied the flesh of swine, which is
not wholesome even for adults if it forms a substantial part of the daily
diet. The animals must also be without flaws or disease since holy spirits
cannot use impure energy being pure beings themselves. It seems
interesting to note that the demons in (Mark 5:12) asked Jesus to let
them enter the bodies of the swine rather than to send them away.
     In movies of Bible stories, the writers do not understand the
meaning of the need for the purest of animals for sacrifices. They
explain it by saying that the Israelites had to give up their most prized
possessions in order to prove their love for God, but this is not so. The
od from the burning sacrifices created the conditions for them to be able
to communicate with God directly or through His angels or spirits, and if
the od was not pure, they could not communicate with God's spirits but
only with the lower ones.
     When Solomon built the temple to house the Ark of the Covenant,
there were huge caverns adjacent to the temple. Some archaeologists
speculated that these held water for cleansing but there is also the theory
that they were used as Odic baffles to store de-materialized od. This
source was similar to a battery storage for long term materialization and
direct voice even after all odic sources of animals, plants, spices, herbs
and such were already burned up in the preparation for direct voice
     The brilliance of the clouds from where God's spirits manifested are
indicative of the brilliance of the spirits. Similar accounts of
materialization of low spirits often describe, not only a stench, but a
cloud of darkness which comparatively is indicative of low spirit
impurities and a negative attitude toward God, who is the source of light,
life and purity.
      After Moses died and Joshua became the leader of the Israelites, God
used the Ark of the Covenant to establish Joshua as leader for the
Hebrew people. He caused the waters of the Jordan River to recede so
the Israelites could walk across on dry land just as He had done for
Moses in the Red Sea. As soon as the Levites stepped into the river
carrying the Ark of the Covenant, the waters were held back and the
people walked across. When the Levites stepped out of the river on the
other side, the waters returned (Joshua 3:17).
      Once they had arrived on the other side of the river into the land of
Canaan, the people ate the last of their stores of food and there was no
more manna given to them, but they were able to eat of the food that
grew in that area because this was the land of milk and honey that God
has promised them.



      When anyone saw an angel as related in the Bible, that spirit used
the energy of the earth or of the people who were to see the angel
manifest to them. This brings us to another related topic. People use
their energy for all of their activities and most people's energy is closely
attached to them. However, there are some who can release their energy
to communicate with the spirit world. One need only concentrate his or
her efforts in releasing that energy, usually by focused meditation. Those
who have the ability to release their energy for spirit communication, we
call mediums. They are only a catalyst or an instrument to create the
energy. Such were the people of the Bible that we read about: Abraham,
Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Mary plus the priests and prophets. It was their
faithfulness and pure character that blocked the negative spirits and
allowed them to receive guidance from holy spirits.
      We learn that there were schools of prophets where people could go
to learn how to become mediums. The meaning of the term,"prophet" in
the Bible does not mean those who could foretell the future, although
they might also been given a look at future events, but that they were
mediums or psychics. The most important requirement in these schools
for prophets was a clean and pure heart.
     The requirement to communicate with spirits is connected with the
ability to release our energy or od for the spirits to use, or to supply pure
od sources such as the purest of Biblical essential oils such a
frankincense, myrrh, galbanum and others, or for a person's spirit to
separate from its physical body and to see into the spirit world. There are
many who can communicate with spirits but not many who are able to
communicate with the higher spirits. A large portion of psychics or
mediums reach only the same level as themselves or a lower spirit level
than themselves because of the lifestyle they live and their interests.
These type of spirits know little of the steps to take to refine one's soul
to go to Heaven after physical death. The psychics do not need as much
practice to become a medium for lower spirits, because these lower
spirits do not need pure od or pure energy to communicate, they can
communicate with impure energy that is of a similar type as the spirits
who use it. They communicate messages that relate only to the material
world, that of money, love and states of physical life.
     In order to communicate with the higher spirits, there are greater
requirements of character development and purity of energy sources.
The communicator must have a much purer type of energy so they can
meet the high spirits partway. Our thoughts are influenced by spirits who
think as we do. If we are totally involved in the material world, those are
the type of spirits who accompany us. People who strive to constantly
refine their character are more easily reached by spirits who come from
a higher realm. In the Old Testament, God even gave rules of diet and
lifestyle that would assist the Israelite in reaching the purest spirits.


     Mediums are of different types depending on how they are used by
the spirit world. Some are writing mediums; of those there are some who
are inspirational mediums. Their thoughts are inspired by a spirit and
they write them down. Most of the writings of the apostles, in the New
Testament, were written in this way.
     Another's hand may be guided at the same time that the words he
writes are inspired into his mind. All the while he is fully conscious of
his actions. Contemporaneous inspiration is necessary in those cases in
which the medium offers strong resistance to the guidance of his hand.
     Others again know only that they are writing, but are quite ignorant
of what they set down. Still others write in a state .of utter
unconsciousness; they know neither that they are writing nor what they
are writing. It not infrequently happens that one and the same medium
will write in several of these ways.


     There is another class of mediums, namely the 'planchette mediums'.
A 'planchette' is a slab of wood, metal or other material upon which are
marked the letters of the alphabet, figures and other symbols. The
surface of the planchette is smooth, so that an object may readily be slid
about upon it. The medium, who retains his full consciousness, lays his
hand on some object with a pointer which rests on the slab. He now
waits until the object moves so that the pointer will touch a letter. It
indicates, one after another, a series of letters which when put together
will spell words and sentences. The most famous of all planchettes was the 'Breastplate of
Judgment'. This was a plate with twelve precious stones, set in a
semi-circle, each representing one of the tribes. The planchette was
made only of the most pure of materials such as gold and silver and the
purest of precious stones. The medium or priest who was assigned to this
had to be of the purest character as well. In Moses' day, Aaron, the high
priest, held the breastplate on himself and the pointer in his head dress.
The Israelites used it to receive answers from God regarding occurrences
in their lives. The stones contained large quantities of the most valuable

     When the Israelites battled against Jericho, (Joshua 7:1), God told
them to destroy everything except the gold, silver, brass and iron, and if
anyone took of anything else in Jericho they would make the camp of
Israel a curse and trouble it, because of the evil spirits present in the city.
Shortly after the destruction of Jericho, Joshua sent his army to defeat
the Amorites but the Amorites were winning the war so Joshua realized
that someone had brought something out of Jericho to curse them. He
then used the Breastplate of Judgment to single out which tribe and
which person within that tribe who had taken something. It was found
that Achan had taken a Babylonian garment along with some coins.
After these items were destroyed, the Israelites had no trouble winning
the war.
    When the Danites sought an inheritance to dwell in, they sent five
men to spy out the land. These came to the house of Micah where they
met a Levite who lived there as a medium. And they said "Ask counsel ,
we pray thee, of God, that we may know whether our way which we go
shall be prosperous." And the priest said to them, "Go in peace, before
Jehovah is your way wherein you go."  It is related that Micah had
caused a founder to make him a 'graven image' and a 'molten image'.
Some assume that these images were idols, but they were made in
imitation of the breastplate of judgment worn on the garments of the
high priest, and so called because it was used for inquiring of God.
Imitations of the High Priest's breastplate of judgment were used
whenever the people of Israel consulted the Lord in matters of private
     King David inquired of God using the Breastplate of Judgment, his
medium or priest was Abiathar.
     When the people of Israel wanted a king, God allowed them to have
one. Their first king was King Saul. He had difficulty staying true to
God and for that reason he ended up with evil spirits guiding him. On
the day before the battle of Gilboa, Saul, who because of his
disobedience had been constantly ignored by God's spirits, 'inquired of
Jehovah' for his own desires and not God's will. Jehovah answered him
not, neither by 'dreams' (visions) nor by the 'Urim' (The breastplate) nor
by the 'prophets'. This indicates that on previous occasions Saul had
been answered in one or another of these ways.


     We no longer use the Breastplate of Judgment that God gave to the
Israelites, but Lucifer, who is the ruler of this world has provided
something similar, as he always tries to copy God's methods. The plate
is very similar to the Planchette and is called a Ouija board. It is usually
used for fun and games, at least it begins that way. The person operating
the board is usually someone who has some mediumistic ability and
lends his or her energy to a spirit who moves the pointer on the board.
The participants ask questions and the small shape moves on the board
pointing to different letters that spell the answer to the question.
However, since the players of the Ouija board ask only questions that
refer to earthly matters, and questions of no consequence, we can be sure
that they are not inquiring of God. Therefore, the ruler of this earthly
realm, Lucifer and his spirits are the ones who are answering.

     The material that the Ouija board is made from and the impurity of
it, more easily allows low spirits as well. God guided the Hebrews to
make the holy planchette out of the most pure of materials, thereby
further protecting the user from noxious spirits, and even past this, it was
God who chose who was to be anointed as priest. God knows the intent
of people. Many who believe themselves very good have not passed the
tests of character required for direct voice, and for this reason would
quickly fall under the subtle deceptions of the evil spirits within a short
     This is what happened when Gideon placed a planchette in the city
for all to inquire of God as they desired. Without a qualified priest to
keep the sacred device holy, it quickly fell into the powers of evil as
people began to listen to messages of a purely material and selfish
interest. People are naturally prone to selfish desires more than those of
a pure and holy nature, which is why many people who begin to seek
spirit communication might quickly fall to lesser goals offered by the
evil spirit world in an attempt to misguide them and keep them from
God's great work.
     Ego and desire for fame and money and power are promised, and
many fall for these deceptions, even before they've passed the first series
of tests of character that are required by a human, if they are to serve
God. For this reason there were many generations that were denied
God's direct voice, it was primarily for their protection and to keep them
from becoming even more sinful than they already were. It was God's
mercy that He sent His high spirits to influence the Hebrews to turn
away from wicked things, impure lifestyles and evil intentions. As the
Hebrews grew more aware of their sins and truly had a change of heart,
then God reintroduced more means of direct communication with Him.
In other generations, only the guardian angels assigned to every person
at his or her birth were active in the people's lives with inspirational or
automatic writing messages, which were mostly of a personal type, and a
means to guide those persons to a good and productive life.

      With the Ouija board, the players enjoy this game at first, most of
them not understanding how it works. As time goes by, spirit
communication becomes stronger and stronger until the operator begins
to lose control. Whether or not they continue to use the Ouija board is
not relevant after a while. The evil spirits have now found a portal to
enter the physical realm and begin to control the operator. Once
unleashed, these spirits are not interested in obeying the medium's will
but act with their own desires in mind and are difficult to banish. The
spirits might even gain enough power to possess the operator and even
enter the body of the medium whenever they wish. Not many people in
our culture practice exorcism, which is what becomes necessary to rid
the person of these spirits, and so the operator might end up in a mental
institution. You must remember that the methods to communicate with
spirits is the same for good and evil spirits alike, just as a telephone can
be used for good or evil.
     In Germany, the Brunnen-Gliessen Publishing Co., published a story
regarding a protestant clergyman who lived in the nineteenth century
and who encountered an experience with a possessed girl by the name of
Theophila Dittus. The family had just moved into his parish and there
was so much demonic activity in their home that the clergyman
Blumhardt was asked to look into it. It appears that Theophila and her
sister and brother had been entertaining evil spirits, most likely by using
a Ouija board, to the point that Theophila became a full trance medium
while the other two were part trance. Clergyman Blumhardt relates the
occurrences in this house. Demons had possessed all three of these
individuals. The story of demonic activity in the movie "The Exorcist" is
a similar fate for those who seek spirit communication without the desire
to seek God's will in their lives. It took him two years and many prayers
to remove the demons in Theophila's case. After his traumatic
experience, he was allowed to work with the good spirit world and
received help in healing hearts and lost but seeking souls among the
people of his congregation. The story tells how many of the people of
his parish felt a compulsion to come to him to repent and he could tell if
their sins had been forgiven by an angel assigned to him to say whether

     God had forgiven that person's sins or not. Although Clergyman
Blumhardt had experienced the work of both the evil spirit world and the
good spirit world, he never did understand exactly how the spirit world
really worked. However, this was not necessary for him to follow the
path God had given to him. By his faithfulness to God, he was able to
fulfill his life as a servant of God even if all the details of the workings
of God were not known to him.
     When Jesus was on earth, many brought possessed people to him
to have these spirits cast out of them. In today's modern society,
people disbelieve in spirit influence and tend to offer explanations of
mental incapacity instead. If people today truly understood the
importance of a faithful life of prayer, we would surely see more good
influence by the angels of Heaven invited, and therefore modern
miraculous healing of diseases today. Since there seems to be so few
who can cast out the evil or low spirits, we think that we have
progressed so much that we are free from this. We believe that what
was called possessed in those times were really only mental health
problems that were yet unnamed. We have now invented scientific
names for this phenomenon, yet the cause may be spirit and not
      When someone has had so much liquor that he or she loses
consciousness and remembers nothing but we notice that their
behavior was not typical of their normal behavior, then what
occurred? The liquor expelled the spirit of the person and another
spirit took its place temporarily, this is a spirit possession. George
Ritchie wrote a book called 'Return From Tomorrow', in which he tells
of having an out of body experience after suffering from a dangerous
illness. In his experience he travels all over town recognizing the
streets, then in a drinking establishment he sees a drunk man whose
spirit exits his body and another spirit enters him.
      More common than spirit possession is spirit obsession. This is
where the spirit does not totally invade the body but becomes trapped
in a person's aura and is unable or unwilling to leave. It causes the
obsessed person to act unlike themselves at times or causes them to
have cravings that they cannot seem to control. In all cases, a
discarnate spirit who has lost its way and remains on the earth plane is
the spirit who obsesses these people. Many of these spirits, if they are
at the human level, are at such a low level that they might act and
speak in very negative and selfish mannerisms, making the person
appear very negative and selfish. Only by striving to correct our own
negative and selfish motives and by dedicated prayer to God for
guidance can these often mislabeled spirit influences be removed
     Carl A. Wickland, M.D. wrote a book in 1974 entitled '30 Years
Among the Dead' in which his wife who was very mediumistic, would
allow spirits of the dead to enter her, and allow Dr. Wickland to speak
to them and attempt to help them understand that they were physically
dead and how to move on in their spiritual life. The advice by Dr.
Wickland is not always the best one in a truly Godly sense, but the
book is a very interesting one, read with a discerning eye, the
information is a good challenge to a person seeking to understand this
world we live in. All of us have spirits of some type who accompany
us in our day, some high, our guardian angel or spirit, some low, of a
material and worldly influence, and sometimes some evil, to cause
grief or trouble. Depending on our character and progression, will
depend on which level has the most influence on us in our lives. It is
very rare that anyone reaches the stage in physical life wherein he or
she has banished all low spirits from their company. For this reason
each person must strive to reach the highest and purest voice, their
good conscience, every day and to renew their hope in God daily.


      Apport mediums are generally deep trance mediums whose odic
force is used by the spirit world to transfer tangible objects into enclosed
spaces from without, or from within such space to the outside. The deep
trance state is necessary here in most cases, since the spirits require a
greater amount of the medium's physical od in order to make these
'apports', as the object apported must be disintegrated into od in one
place and re-materialized into substance in the other. These objects
might feel hot to the touch at the moment of re-materialization if not
enough energy is available to cool the object sufficiently, for although
they have been re-condensed by cold currents, they might still retain part
of the heat used in their disintegration.
     At times a medium's body can be transported from one place to
another. This is done by de-materializing it at one spot and re-converting
it into substance at the other. When in the Old Testament the prophet
Habakuk brought food to Daniel in the lions' den, the angel did not carry
Habakuk through the air but de-materialized him and his belongings and
re-materialized him at the den.
      The same thing happened in the case of the apostle, Philip, after he
preached the gospel to and then baptized the eunuch of Queen Candace
of Ethiopia, (Acts 8:39) “the spirit of the Lord caught away Philip and
carried him to Azotus'. The spirit did not carry Philip through the air but
caused him to de-materialize and re-materialize in the city of Azotus.


     Another type of medium or prophet, is a physical medium. In the
case of a trance medium of this type, the spirits draw from the medium's
energy for moving objects, raising tables, chairs and utensils of all kinds.
Noises are heard, music is played, drums are beaten, bells ring and
objects fly through the room. One name for this type of phenomena is
poltergeist. Primarily low or mundane spirits are involved with this type
of phenomena. These levels of spirit activity should not be sought out if
a person is to remain free from mundane spirit influences in their life. It
takes a greater physical force to move physical objects. That energy or
odic force comes from a person who is very mediumistic and is able to
release much od or energy for spirits to materialize in order to cause the
physical phenomena. However, the od or energy alone cannot move
objects. Discarnate spirits use it to materialize to such a degree that they
can move the objects but not enough that we can see them. These spirits
cannot interact with the material world unless they partly materialize
their hands so that they can pick up or move objects. No spirit, high or
low, can abrogate the laws that are relative to the material world. The
good spirits do not primarily manifest with this type of spirit activity.
They are not interested in producing phenomena to gratify man's taste
for the extraordinary, but only to guide and increase the faith of those
they are sent to minister to.


       In the book of (1 Kings, 9:5), the Bible says that Elijah battled
against the false prophets of Baal. When Elijah was victorious and the
Hebrews turned their hearts back to God, and the prophets of Baal were
killed, Elijah fled in the wilderness from Jezebel, the wicked queen. In
the wilderness, he lay down and slept under a Juniper tree, then an angel
touched him and said to him, "rise and eat". When he looked, there was
a cake baked on the coal and a cruse of water at his head. Then the angel
came a second time and fed him once more and Elijah was able to travel
for forty days on this food. It is understood that the Heavenly spirits
materialized the food.

     Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish to feed four thousand people on
one occasion and did the same for five thousand men plus women and
children on another occasion. On both of these occasions the food was
materialized from the spirit world to where Jesus was.
     In the story of the prophet Elisha (II Kings: 4-7) a woman whose
husband had died, asked Elisha for help because her husband's creditors
were coming to take her two sons for bondsmen. All she had in the
house was a pot of oil, so Elisha told her to borrow as many vessels as
possible from her neighbors and pour the oil into them. Precious oil was
materialized and the woman continued to pour from her pot until all the
vessels she had borrowed were filled to the top miraculously. The one
pot of oil filled all of the vessels and Elisha told her to go and sell the oil
and pay her debt.
     On another occasion, a man brought Elisha twenty loaves of barley
and some corn and Elisha asked him to give the food to his prophets but
the man said, "What, should I set this before an hundred men?" (Kings
4:42-44) But the men were fed and with some left over.
     Jean Baptiste Maria Vianey was a Catholic priest who lived in
France in the nineteenth century. He maintained a home for poor
children and one day discovered that there were no provisions left except
a few handfuls of grain in the corn bin. With a heavy heart he made up
his mind to send the children away, but before doing so, he offered one
more prayer to God for help. On going back to the corn bin he found it
filled with grain to the top. All of his parishioners came to see the
so-called miracle. The event caused great sensation throughout the entire
district. (Published by Gebr). Steffen, Limburg a.d.Lahn)
      The first miracle that Jesus performed was to turn water into wine while
at the wedding. When his mother told him that they were out of wine, he
mentioned that his time had not yet come, because the spirits helping him
needed time to transform the water into wine. Since Jesus was highly
clairvoyant and could see all that the spirits were doing, he could see that the
work had not yet been accomplished. Materialization and de-materialization
takes time, it is not instant, only because Jesus could see by clairvoyance
when the work was complete could he announce it.

        In order for people to see an apparition, they must either be
clairvoyant or the spirit must materialize, or a combination of both
where a person might be partially clairvoyant, which means clear sight,
and would only require a partially materialized spirit to see that spirit. In
order for the spirit to materialize, they must borrow the od or energy of
the material world and condense it for this purpose. Depending on the
amount of od available, the spirit will materialize part of itself or all of
itself. Perhaps only the head will be seen or only the top half of the
body, by the choice of those spirits. If enough energy is available, the
whole body will be visible, and the appearance would not be any
different from any other similar creature. When a complete body cannot
be seen, this means that there was just enough energy to materialize only
part of it. Depending on the amount of energy made available, the spirit
may be of differing sizes. The spirit may appear the height of a child if
that is all the od they have at their disposal. ​With enough od, a spirit can
appear to be the size of a standard human.
      In the case of a materialization medium, the medium would be the
main source of od and can release enough energy to enable one or more
spirits to make themselves visible or partly visible to human eyes. Other
assistant od sources such as we read about in the temple of Moses with
the Tent of Testimony (Num 18) are usually required to enact full
materialization. These were the reasons for the many offerings in the
Old Testament. Aaron was the high priest. Since this requires more of
the od possessed by the medium, his own spirit must be more detached
from his body. If the materialization is to be complete enough to allow
the spirit to look like a terrestrial being, the medium's od alone is not
sufficient, and matter must be taken from his physical substance. For this
reason, in materialization of this nature, a medium surrenders a great
part of his physical weight which is restored to him in full when the
materialization has come to an end. This materialization always takes
place in proximity to the medium. Once the spirit de-materializes, the
matter belonging to the medium is returned to him. The medium would
have lost weight while the materialization was visible.
     Carlos Mirabelli was a materialization medium who lived in Sao
Paulo, Brazil between 1889 and 1951. He was a universal medium, his
odic power was adequate for phenomena embraced by all types of spirit
communication. There is a record of his mediumship being observed by
at least 557 persons of notable repute. Among his mediumistic
occurrences, there were many instances of apparitions of complete
humans, some which were recognized by the supervising scholars. Some
of his materializations required so much od that part of the substance of
his corporeal body was dissolved and used for materializing the spirit.
There is a picture of Mirabelli where his forearms are completely
dissolved while the apparition could be seen, and another where the
apparition took his place at the table with the supervisors and looked like
one of them. Unfortunately there was no one to make sure that all of this
communication was with God's spirits so there were apparitions of all
types, good spirits and low ones, but there was no denying that the
apparitions occurred.
     In a book by Johannes Greber called "Communication with the Spirit
World of God, It's Laws and Purpose", a very high spirit tells us the following, "The greatest
obstacle in the way of seeing the truth is the erroneous conception of the
terms 'spirit' and 'matter'. Once the fact is recognized that the nature of
the spirit creation is the same as that of material creation, and that they
differ only in the manner in which they manifest their existence, most of
the difficulties that prevent a proper understanding in the field of spirit
communication will disappear of their own accord. You will then
recognize that created spirits possess the same organism in spirit form as
terrestrial beings possess in material form; that the body has been cast
over the shape of the spirit, and that nothing can be contained in the
material casing which is not present in the spirit-shape also. And it will
be further recognized that the 'beyond' resembles the 'here' in every way,
with the sole difference that 'here' all things are matter and that 'there' all
things are spirit." "You are visible to your fellow creatures from the fact that you have a
material body. Your material body is only the material shell of your
spirit with all of its organs, every organ found in your body has its
counterpart in a spiritual state in your spirit.

     If a disembodied spirit wants to appear to terrestrial eyes, it must clothe
its spirit form and all of the members with a shell of matter, which it
produces by means of the condensation of terrestrial od."

Materialization by a full trance medium.

     In the case of a spirit so materialized the human eye can discover
nothing to distinguish it from an everyday person. The spirit has skin,
bones, all external organs, fingernails, hair and teeth, as well as inner
organs like a heart which beats, blood which circulates and whatever
else is present in any normal flesh and blood human being." You can
experience these materializations in some seances.

The medium is in the tent, the apparition
is to the right.
The tent is used to hold the energy or od.
Notice the cord of energy or od between the
medium and the apparition.

     Whether the medium is working with high spirits or low spirits, the
effect is still the same. The laws are made by God but they are not
always necessarily used for His purposes. Everyone lives under the same
laws even if they say they do not believe in God, they still use what God
has provided. In the case of the evil spirits, those which have severed
their relations with God, this power is however circumscribed within
very definite limits, whereas it can be put to use by God's spirits to an
unrestricted extent since God is the exhaust-less source of power.

The process of materialization

    You can now understand how Adam was created on the physical plane. Adam was
a spirit before God materialized him on this planet. God used the energy of the earth
to materialize him. The Bible says this in (Ecc. 3:20), "All go to the same place; all
come from dust and to dust all return", which means that our physical body is formed
from the material of the earth and it returns to the earth when our spirit departs from
our physical body after death.

      The story in the Book of Genesis in the Bible is very confusing
because it tells of Adam & Eve when they lived in the spirit world and
then how God created their physical bodies on earth, but these are two
different occurrences. Adam and Eve had been created in Heaven along
with all other spirits that God had created, which includes all of us. After
their disobedience, along with one third of Heaven, including us, God
sent them to a lower realm in Heaven, called Paradise, in a place called
the Garden of Eden, to give them another opportunity to rethink their
choice. After disobeying a second time, by following the path of evil,
greed, lust and avarice, God cast them out of ​the Garden of Eden in
Paradise and out of the Heavenly realms altogether into a much lower
realm, we call hell. Then God created the physical universe as a means
for the fallen spirits to learn to be good once again, to be tested, and pass
these tests of good character once again
      In the story of the old testament in Genesis where it mentions Eve
materializing from Adam's od, the translation uses the words "Adam's
rib". This is not an entirely clear translation, nor understanding of the
original meaning of "odic energy" by the translator. Eve was
materialized using the energy of Adam who was a medium by reason of
having been formed directly from earthly od/energy. His spirit was able
to release physical energy to a greater degree than if he had been born.
In her case, God used some of the general od from the material body of
Adam to materialize Eve.
     Since all spirit materializations are of a temporary nature only and
since Eve's body needed to be permanent, some of the physical
substance had to be taken from Adam. This portion that was not returned
to Adam was given back to him by drawing from the od/energy of the
earth in the correct amounts of material needed by his body. The writer
of this part of the Bible explains this by an analogy, "And God caused a
deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept, and He took one of his ribs,
and closed up the flesh instead thereof" (Gen 2:21-22). The deep sleep
was a mediumistic sleep or a full trance state. Once it is understood that
people can de-materialize and materialize, it is easier to see how spirits
can reach mankind with that same energy.
     In the story of Abraham, three spirits materialized and spent some
time with Abraham and Sarah. Abraham had Sarah make cakes for them
while he fetched a young calf and had it prepared for the visitors. These
spirits were able to eat a meal with them before continuing on their trip.
"...and he stood by them under the tree, and they did eat". (Gen 18:2-8).

       After his death, Jesus appeared to his apostles while they were
fishing, "When they landed they saw a charcoal fire and a fish broiling
in it. There was also some bread there" (John 21:9), Jesus was
completely materialized and ate with his apostles.
     Jesus also materialized for his apostles and asked them, "Have you
any food here? They gave him a piece of broiled fish, and he ate it in
their presence". (Luke 24:41)
     When John the Baptist was baptizing Jesus, a holy spirit materialized
in the shape of a dove and a voice was heard, saying, "Thou art my
beloved son, in whom I am well pleased." (Mark 1:11).
     Jesus took Peter, James and John to a mountain where he was
transfigured and appearing with him, Moses and Elijah who were
speaking to him. Then a voice came out of a bright cloud saying, “This
is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased, hear ye him� (Mat
17:1-5). Here is an example of materialization and voice from the cloud.
    By these examples, we can see that a completely materialized person
is no different from a physical person and can perform all the same tasks
as a physical person. Many people have been entertained by materialized
Heavenly spirits and were not aware of it, which is not always necessary
so long as the lesson is understood by the recipient.
     In the Bible, the most well known example of materialization is in
the story of Moses. Four hundred years before Moses was alive, Joseph,
the son of Jacob, had been sold into Egypt, and later was able to bring all
of his family there because of the famine. In time, these Israelites had
become a very large population and Pharaoh was concerned that they
would join with his enemies and fight against him, so he devised a plan
where he would kill all the newborn boys and since the girls could be
married into the Egyptian population and be assimilated in this way, the
Israelite population could be exterminated.
      Moses from birth had been saved by his mother and was, as a
foundling, raised by Pharaoh's daughter. In this way he had an
opportunity to acquire all manner of education, making him qualified to
run a country. But he left Egypt after being discovered protecting his
people against Pharaoh, having killed an Egyptian guard who was
beating a Hebrew.
     God chose Moses to return to Egypt to rescue his people with the aid
of his brother, Aaron. When Moses and Aaron confronted Pharaoh to let
the Israelite leave, God helped him with many materializations to prove
Moses to the people and to prove to the Egyptians that He was sent by
     The first materialization was to change Moses' rod into a serpent,
and the king had his magicians, also called mediums, do the same thing.
Then God had Moses use his rod to change all of the waters to blood and
Pharaoh's magicians were able to do the same. At Moses' command,
God's Heavenly spirits materialized frogs and the magicians were able to
compete only up to a certain extent. But when Moses produced lice, the
magicians were unable to do the same and they begged Pharaoh to let
the people go since they agreed that this was the finger of God. It took
several other materializations from God through Moses to convince
Pharaoh to free the people: flies, animal disease, boils, hail, locusts, plus
three days of darkness. It was not until God took the lives of all the
firstborn of Egypt, just like Pharaoh had done to the Israelites, that
Pharaoh finally allowed them to leave.
     The great battle between Moses, as God's champion against the
magicians of Egypt, as Satan's minions, is an example of extraordinary
amounts of spiritual phenomena used on both sides of the spirit world,
both the angels of Heaven and the evil spirits of hell. God allowed the
evil spirit world to try to convince the Hebrews not to follow Moses,
while the good spirits, the angels of Heaven, gave plenty of evidence to
the Hebrews of their support. In the end, it was God who chose the
outcome. God's punishment on Pharaoh, by the death of his own first
born son, and the Egyptians was justly given by God, and chosen by
Pharaoh himself of what the punishment would be by deciding to kill all
the newly born Hebrew boys.

       After Moses and the people left Egypt and traveled through the
desert, God materialized food for them in the shape of manna, when He
"...rained bread from Heaven" (Ex 16:4), and water from the rock (Ex 17:6).

 Also, after the forty years in the desert, the people's clothing were
not worn out. The reason they lived in the desert for forty years was to
be tested and strengthened against material greed and the Egyptian false
religions. In the end, the older generation who could not break their
negative habits and continued in their idol worship and were stuck in
their old beliefs, had died off. Even now, we have many people who do
not understand what they really believe and are not open to
understanding, but fight to continue in their traditions, even after the
truth is revealed to them.
      Another account of materialization of the battle between good and
evil is found in the story of the Prophet Elijah against the hundreds of
prophets of Baal during the reign of King Ahab and his non-Hebrew
wife, Jezebel. The people were split between following God's prophet,
Elijah, and following King Ahab's evil prophets of Baal. Then Elijah had
Ahab gather his four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal and the four
hundred prophets of Jezebel, and Elijah asked the people to follow God
or Baal after each had demonstrated their power. He had Baal's prophets
make an altar and lay the sacrificial meat on it and light no fire under it,
and he did the same. Then he asked the prophets of Baal to pray to Baal
to light the wood and burn the sacrifice and Elijah would pray to God to
effect the same result. They were to see which one answered the prayer
and burn the sacrifice. The god who answered would be from that day
the one the Israelite would follow. The prophets of Baal prayed all day
and nothing happened, then by evening Elijah told the people to pour
water on his sacrifice three times over, and when he prayed to God, a
fire came down from Heaven and burned the sacrifice, the wood, the
rocks, the dust and even all the water from the trench. This was the
deciding factor for the Hebrew nation on which God they would follow.


     The most beneficial of the mediums for communicating truth are the
speaking mediums. The Bible refers to this as prophets speaking in a
language that is understood (1​st Cor 14). Some are deep trance and others
are part trance. The deep trance mediums are those whose spirit can
leave their body altogether and another spirit can enter and deliver the
message using the medium's organs of speech. A deep trance medium is
entirely unconscious of anything spoken through him, while a part trance
medium is aware of another spirit speaking through his body. The
degree of trance can be understood by the levels of consciousness by the
medium who owns the body. Some mediums are entirely aware of what
is being said through them, while other part trance mediums might be
only aware that something is being communicated through them but not
knowledgeable of the information itself. Another form that has been
used for trance is, "religious ecstasy". A common term used nowadays is
called channeling.
     "There was a difference between the manner in which Moses
inquired of God and that in which it was done by the people. To the
solemn inquiries addressed to God, Moses as the representative of all the
people, is answered by Jehovah through the pillar of cloud that rested on
the Ark of the Covenant, whereas when individuals inquired of God,
their answer came not through the pillar of cloud but through another
channel, which although not clearly defined, is sufficiently well
indicated to leave no doubt on that score in the mind of anyone familiar
with the subject. We learn that Joshua, the servant of Moses was not
allowed to leave the Tent, therefore there must have been a reason for
his constant presence there. Joshua was specially appointed to act as a
medium for those of the people who desired to inquire of God
concerning their private affairs. It is expressly stated that every one who
sought Jehovah went out into the tent of meeting. No fixed hours for
'inquiring of God' having been set, Joshua was obliged to be present in
the Tent at all times so that he might be available to all as a medium for
transmitting the lord's answers." (Greber book)


        Direct writing is entirely different from the writing done by
mediums, being produced by the spirit itself which makes use of the odic
force from the medium or from nature, and does not use the medium's
hand. The spirit materializes its own hand to write. The first set of
tablets bearing the Ten Commandments were written on Mount Sinai by
the hand of God as related in the book of Moses. "And the Lord said
unto Moses, Come up to me into the mount, and be there, and I will give
thee tables of stone, and a law, and commandments which I have
written, that thou mayest teach them." (Ex 24:12). When Moses came
down from the mountain to share this gift with the Hebrews, he found
them having returned to their worship of the Egyptian golden calf,
Aaron was ignored. Moses, in anger, threw the tablets at the golden calf,
destroying them along with the calf idol. Moses returned to the mountain
top a second time to receive a second copy of the ten commandments.
      When the Israelites has been taken prisoners by Babylon, King
Belshazzar made a great feast to his lords and drank from the sacred
vessels which his father had taken from the temple of the Israelites.
Suddenly, a hand appeared on the wall of his royal palace and the king
saw the palm of the hand as it wrote. "In the same hour came forth
fingers of a man's hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the
plaster of the wall of the king's palace and the king saw the part of the
hand that wrote/" (Dan 5:5). This was a materialized hand of a messenger
angel of Heaven that came to warn King Belshazzar that he was going to
die and that God was taking his kingdom from him. Daniel was the only
person who could read the writing, and that very night the king was slain
and the army of the Medes invaded and took his kingdom


      These days there are alternate beliefs growing about the meaning of
the final war between good and evil. Some groups of people are
expecting the end times to be brought about by aliens from another
planet. Although there are many forms of life on many planets, there is
no reason to believe that a planet near to us would send people here to
destroy us, and there has never been a time when anyone from another
planet has ever visited earth. The meaning of the end time struggle for
the hearts of the people of earth between Heaven and hell that is
described in the Book of Revelations, has been slowly altered by some
groups to no longer describe a spiritual battle, but a type of Hollywood
version of alien invasion from another planet. This deception, similar to
the deceiving prophets of Baal, is meant to keep the minds of people
busy in nonsensical theories long enough so that they miss the
opportunity in this life to change their bad habits, and self-deceived
traditions, and to miss the opportunity to learn from the holy spirits of
Heaven rather than the false prophets of today.
     There definitely are many UFOs seen by many people but
remember that UFO stands for 'unidentified flying object', which tells us
that they have not been identified at least during our time. If science has
its way of attributing everything to man and nothing to God, then
mankind will never know what these objects are. But it is easier for
those who have read the Bible and understand that God does have the
ability to move in our world whenever He wishes, and so He can send
His holy spirits to this planet if He wants to.
      In the old testament, there are several accounts of UFO encounters,
these were attributed then by the people of that day as manifestations
from spirits from Heaven. As we have learned earlier, the angels who
appeared to Daniel and others were materialized spirits from Heaven,
come to deliver a message from God (Dan 9:21). In (Joel 2:30) it says 
"I will show wonders in the Heavens and on the earth..." God can allow a
mode of transportation for His Heavenly spirits as the need arises. Many
people have seen these crafts which look like clouds in the daytime and
fire at night.

     When Elijah was leaving the earth, he did not die as all other
humans. The story tells of a chariot of fire and horses of fire that
appeared between him and Elisha, and Elijah was taken up in
a whirlwind and Elisha caught Elijah's mantel. Elisha identified
the manifestation as coming from Heaven, a materialization that
in its power de-materialized Elijah's physical body, and took his
spirit to Heaven. This might also have been the way Enoch was
taken by God at the end of his physical life (Gen 45:23-24)


       People often talk to their plants and that has been understood to
help them thrive whereas there are some who believe this has no
benefit. There have been some experiments done that show how water
changes its crystals when different words are spoken to them, and also
that different types of music has an effect on water.
     Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan, born in Yokohama in 1943, a doctor
of alternative medicine, was introduced to the concept of micro cluster
water in the United States, and Magnetic Resonance Analysis
technology. His quest began to discover the mystery of water. He
realized that it was in the frozen crystals that water showed its true
nature. There is one basic truth we all learn early, positive,
compassionate words comfort and heal; negative words and insults hurt.
Until recently we knew this only because we could feel it, now we can
actually see it. Thanks to the experimental work of Dr. Masaru Emoto,
we can look at water, and its frozen crystals, to confirm the healing
power of beautiful music, positive thinking, uplifting speech and prayer.
     By exposing water to a particular word or piece of music, freezing it
and photographing the ice crystals formed, Dr. Emoto has shown that
from beautiful words and music, come beautiful crystals, and from
mean-spirited, negative words come malformed and misshapen crystals.
When we remember that the adult human body is approximately 70%
water and infant bodies are about 90% water and that the earth is mostly
water, we can believe that we can affect the vibration of people by our
words etc
A heavy metal song

Amazing Grace

Before prayer

After Prayer

"You Fool" (words spoken to the water before it was frozen)

"You disgust me" (words spoken to the water before frozen)

"Truth" (words spoken to water before frozen)

"Thank you" (words spoken to water before frozen)

      Dr. Emoto also performed another experiment with rice. He placed
rice in two jars and covered them with water. Every day for one month
he had children speak over the rice. Over the first jar they said, "you
fool", and over the second jar, they said, "thank you". After one month,
the rice in the first jar had turned black while the rice in the second jar
had fermented and gave off a pleasant aroma. Others have performed
this same experiment with imilar results.
(Spoken words to the rice in water)
"You fool" (to the left), "Thank you" (to the right)


       After David had slain the giant, King Saul brought him into his
court. Because David knew how to fight wars, the people praised him
and this made King Saul very jealous and he would go into terrible fits
and tried to kill David. The Bible says that the spirit of God departed
from Saul and an evil spirit was upon Saul. The only way that Saul could
get out of his evil fits was to have David play his harp and sing hymns.
From this we can deduce that harmonious music can raise people's
vibration and remove low spirits.
      On this realm, we are surrounded by spirits. There are many good
spirits sent to us by God whose purpose is to assist us in all of our
spiritual and physical endeavors. Without their help, we would never on
our own, manage to even stay alive. We are all given a special angel at
birth as a guardian spirit and they remain with us throughout our lives.
Mothers, although they might be careful to watch over their children,
have to admit that there must be someone looking after them when they
see the precarious situations their children have been placed in, and the
times that their children might have been protected or helped by unseen

     Like King Saul, if we are evil minded or careless, we attract low and
evil spirits and our life is not as peaceful as it should be. But if we
follow a more harmonious path and are watchful of our thoughts and
actions, we have more of God's spirits as fellow travelers. The spirits
with Saul were so evil that all they wanted to do was to kill David, and it
makes us wonder how murderers have come to the point of all this evil if
not by the obsessions or possessions of evil spirits.
      It is very beneficial to monitor one's thoughts before they become
actions. We can help ourselves by avoiding movies and music that
elevates evil to appear as good or as acceptable behavior. If our desires
are not any that we could attribute to assistance from God, it behooves
us to check our thoughts and to recognize the outcome if an action is
followed through.
       The people who incarnate on earth make up the embodiment of
spirits who rebelled in Heaven (Rev 12:4) along with Adam and Eve
who fell from the Garden of Eden in Paradise when they sided with
Lucifer against Christ, and now are materialized on this realm in an
effort to relearn how to be good and harmonious once again. This is why
we must make a conscious decision in this life to abandon evil and
selfish desires and to follow the teachings of Christ. It is not an easy task
for many with Lucifer and his forces having such a strong influence in
our daily lives.


     "Those  who are clairvoyant or clairaudient are not to be included
among mediums. They do have mediumistic powers but are not true
mediums. With them it is their own spirit which is active, which sees
and hears, whereas in mediums properly so called, it is a strange spirit
which acts while the medium's spirit is temporarily dispossessed.
Although they can see or hear they are not an instrument of these spirits,
but their spirit can detach itself from the body to a greater or lesser
degree. A spirit so detached and partly withdrawn from the body thereby
becomes independent of the latter's physical senses, and assumes the
faculties and properties of a discarnate spirit, seeing, hearing and feeling
into the spirit world. The sensory powers of the person depends on the
extent to which it is detached and according to the purity of the od
surrounding it just as the purity attributed to the quality of glass.
     There are many references to clairvoyance and clairaudience in both
the Old and New Testaments. When the angel of the Lord smote the
people of Israel with the pestilence as a punishment, "David saw the
angel who was striking down the people", (2nd Samuel 24:16)

     Jesus, when he was on earth tells the people that they will
"...see the heavens open and the messengers of God
descending and ascending above the Son of man:" So
Jesus was both clairvoyant and clairaudient. It was by this
means that God's holy spirits showed Jesus which of the men
could be chosen by God to be his apostles, he didn't just decide
when he saw them..
     When Jesus saw Nathaniel coming towards him he said,
"Here is an Israelite such as he ought to be, a man in whom
there is no flaw." Nathaniel asked, "How do you know me?" and
Jesus said, "I saw you before Philip called you, sitting
under the fig tree." Jesus had seen Nathaniel by clairvoyance
before Nathaniel even knew that he was coming.

    Jesus going through the town of Sychar in Samaria, stopped to rest
and asked the Samaritan woman for water. At that time, the Jews and
the Samaritans were not on good terms so she was surprised that he
asked her for water. During the ​conversation, Jesus saw her life by
clairvoyance and she ran to tell her people that Jesus had told her all
about herself, so could he be the Messiah? The village people invited
him to stay with them which he did for two days teaching them with the
result that many were converted.
     Elisha foresaw the destiny of Hazael by a clairvoyant vision given to
him by holy spirits. He saw the cruelties Hazael would practice on the
Israelites, because he had been allowed to see how he would rule the
country, "Jehovah has let me see your reigning over Aram." (2nd Kings
      Daniel saw and heard the ​Heavenly spirit Gabriel who came to
answer his prayer. Those who were with Daniel fled because they felt
the spirit although they could not see or hear him. Daniel fell to the
ground from weakness, because the spirit had materialized with the
aid of Daniel's odic energy.

     Jeremiah was one of God's prophets and was given many messages
from the spirit world to warn the people of the disasters to come if they
did not obey God. The Bible does not say in what form Jeremiah
received the messages and visions but we can assume that he was
clairvoyant and clairaudient", though he may well have also been a "deep
trance medium because his assistant, Baruch, followed him everywhere
and wrote down the messages that were given to Jeremiah.

         All the stories of the apostles receiving help was through
clairvoyance and clairaudience. The angel who appeared to Peter in
(Acts 12:7) and told him to get dressed and he let him out of prison.
Paul, by clairvoyance also saw the angel who appeared to him and also
let him out of prison. All of the healing by the apostles were with the aid
of God's spirits. The apostles did not choose leaders unless told by the
holy spirits, and they did not go to preach wherever they wanted nor did
they preach whatever they wished. Paul was not one of the original
apostles; he didn't go to the apostles to learn what Jesus had said. It was
a vision and voice by clairvoyance and clairaudience that Jesus revealed
himself to Saul, who later changed his name to Paul.

     On his trip to Damascus Jesus as a spirit appeared to Paul and asked
him whom he was persecuting and said to Paul, "I am Jesus of Nazareth
whom you are persecuting", Paul became temporarily blind by the light
of the vision, and his friends.

      On his voyage to Italy, Paul told the crew to take courage and eat,
that they would not die in the storm, "For last night an angel of the God
I belong to and serve stood before me..."(Acts 27:21) and said,
"Courage! As you have testified for me at Jerusalem, so you must testify
at Rome." (Acts 23:11).

    When Paul had come to Troas, there appeared suddenly in the night
a man of Macedonia who besought Paul, "Come over to Macedonia and
help us." (Acts16:9).
     Mary, the mother of Jesus, saw the angel Gabriel who told her that
she was to be the mother of Jesus, who would be a son of God. He also
told her that her cousin Elizabeth was also going to have a son, and that
was John the Baptist.
      Joseph, the husband of Mary, was told through clairaudience and
possibly by clairvoyance, by a Heavenly spirit, "Arise, take the child
and his mother and flee to Egypt", (Mat 2:13) and later he was told to go
to the land of Israel, to Nazareth because the danger was over.


     Visions are also given to us by the use of energy or od, provided by
either the person for whom the vision is meant or by the od available
near the person.

     The Book of Revelations is an account of visions given to John of all
the occurrences in the latter days on our physical earth. We have had a
great deal of difficulty understanding the visions, partly because they
speak of many things in the future that were not yet invented, such as
our means of communication and the arsenal that would be used to
destroy parts of the earth. John described his visions using descriptions
of things he had seen in his lifetime; for instance, he had never seen a
helicopter and pictured it using words that describe an insect with human
attributes. There are a few who now are able to decipher some of the
revelations at this time, since we are living near the end of the age. In
(Daniel 12:4) Daniel is given this message: "But thou, O Daniel, shut up
the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end."

      King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was given a vision showing him
the future. It showed a man with a head of gold, a chest and arms of
silver, belly and thighs of brass, legs of iron and feet of iron and clay.
Daniel interpreted the dream to foretell the next kingdoms to come after
King Nebuchadnezzar, who was the head of gold. All of them would
come to an end with God replacing the last one with His own kingdom
at the end of this era.

     Daniel himself had a great vision which corresponds with the vision
of John in the book of revelations, which is the last book in the Bible. It
was a vision depicting the four beasts representing the four kingdoms of
the earth. Some who study the book of revelations compare Daniel's
vision to that of John the revelator in order to explain the future of this
earth towards the end of this era.

    Jacob while on his way to Haran to meet his new wife had a vision,
"He dreamed and behold a ladder set upon the earth, and the top of it
reached to Heaven, and behold the angels of God ascending and
descending on it." (Gen 28:12)
      Jesus was the greatest of all developed mediums, because he is the
greatest of all spirits created by God, and gifted with the greatest purity
and greatest power of all under God, he often spoke of the Kingdom of
Heaven and encouraged people to seek this Kingdom. In the Lord's
prayer we say, "Thy Kingdom come." The kingdom of God is filled with
the pure spirits of Heaven, whose interest is to observe and guide
incarnated creatures on the physical realm, to assist in their progression.
The spirits must be tested, as from (1 John 4:1-6), to see if the
manifesting spirits are from God. These will affirm that Jesus was the
Christ who came from Heaven and defeated Lucifer, other lesser spirits
will not admit this.


      In more recent times, President George Washington who was a
man of prayer, had a phenomenal vision. He went to the thicket many
times to pray during the winter his army was at Valley Forge.

      At that time he was given a vision and a prophecy. The account of
this vision was given in 1859 by an old soldier who gave it to a writer,
Wesley Bradshaw, who published it. In the vision God revealed to
George Washington that three great perils would come upon the
Republic of America.

      He was sitting at a table engaged in preparing a dispatch and as he
looked up he saw a beautiful being. He was unable to move or speak and
felt as if paralyzed which tells us that the spirit was using his energy.
Then he heard a voice say, "Son of the Republic look and learn."
      He saw a dark shadowy being moving from Europe to America. He
was told that America was going through the first peril at that time
which was the war to secede from Great Britain. Then he saw villages, 
towns and cities spring up until the whole land from the Atlantic to the
 Pacific was dotted with them.
     A second time, the angel said, 'Son of the Republic, look and learn',
and he saw the inhabitants of America setting themselves against each
other, but then a bright angel appeared with the word "Union" traced
on its brow. He placed a flag between the divided nation and said,
"Remember, ye are brethren."  Instantly the inhabitants, cast down their
weapons and united around the National Standard. This was a vision of
the Civil War. That angel sent from Heaven was none other than
President Abraham Lincoln.
     Then a third time the voice said, "Son of the Republic, look and
learn",and the angel blew three distinct blasts on a trumpet and he saw a
great battle that involved the nations of Europe, Asia and Africa, and
from these continents arose thick black clouds that were soon joined into
one and they marched by land and sailed by sea to America which was
enveloped in the volume of the cloud.
     Then the cloud receded and the angel who bore the word Union
appeared holding the American flag in one hand and a sword in the
other, it descended from Heaven with a legion of white spirits. And the
angel cried with a loud voice, "While the stars remain, and the heavens
send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last."

     When this was over, the angel who had first appeared said, Son of
the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted. Three great perils
will come upon the Republic. The most fearful for her is the third, but
the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of
the Republic "learn to live for his God, his land and Union." George
Washington felt that he had seen the birth, progress and destiny of the
United States.
  The three perils were the vision of the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd World


    We have also heard of messages from such people as Nostradamus
who wrote his messages in quatrains, using coded phrases in order to
prevent persecution. These type of prophecies have been applied time
and again to various events, some which prove much accuracy, and
others which could be applied to anything after the fact.
     Edgar Casey also received messages by means of self hypnotic
trance, was most known for helping people in the cures of ailments.
     Mother Shipman, who died in 1561, England, ​is another known
prophetess or medium, who predicted that women would cut their hair
short and wear men's clothes. She also predicted that women would care
for cats and dogs more than children. It appears that some of these
events are now taking place in these times.
Here is her poetic prophecy.
"And now a word, in uncouth rhyme
Of what shall be in future time
Then upside down the world shall be And gold found at the root of tree All
England's sons that plough the land Shall oft be seen with Book in hand The
poor shall now great wisdom know Great houses stand in farflung vale All
covered o'er with snow and hail
A carriage without horse will go Disaster fill the world with woe. In London,
Primrose Hill shall be In centre hold a Bishop's See

Around the world men's thoughts will fly Quick as the twinkling of an eye. And
water shall great wonders do How strange. And yet it shall come true.

Through towering hills proud men shall ride No horse or ass move by his side.
Beneath the water, men shall walk Shall ride, shall sleep, shall even talk. And
in the air men shall be seen In white and black and even green
A great man then, shall come and go For prophecy declares it so.

In water, iron, then shall float As easy as a wooden boat Gold shall be seen in
stream and stone In land that is yet unknown.
And England shall admit a Jew You think this strange, but it is true The Jew
that once was held in scorn Shall of a Christian then be born.

A house of glass shall come to pass In England. But Alas, alas A war will
follow with the work Where dwells the Pagan and the Turk
These states will lock in fiercest strife And seek to take each others life. When
North shall thus divide the south And Eagle build in Lions mouth Then tax and
blood and cruel war Shall come to every humble door.

Three times shall lovely sunny France Be led to play a bloody dance Before
the people shall be free Three tyrant rulers shall she see.

Three rulers in succession be Each springs from different dynasty. Then when
the fiercest strife is done England and France shall be as one.

The British olive shall next then twine In marriage with a German vine. Men
walk beneath and over streams Fulfilled shall be their wondrous dreams.

For in those wondrous far off days The women shall adopt a craze To dress
like men, and trousers wear And to cut off their locks of hair They'll ride astride
with brazen brow As witches do on broomstick now.

And roaring monsters with man atop Does seem to eat the verdant crop And
men shall fly as birds do now And give away the horse and plough.

There'll be a sign for all to see Be sure that it will certain be. Then love shall
die and marriage cease And nations wane as babes decrease
And wives shall fondle cats and dogs And men live much the same as hogs.

In nineteen hundred and twenty six Build houses light of straw and sticks. For
then shall mighty wars be planned And fire and sword shall sweep the land.

When pictures seem alive with movements free When boats like fishes swim
beneath the sea, When men like birds shall scour the sky Then half the world,
deep drenched in blood shall die.

For those who live the century through In fear and trembling this shall do. Flee
to the mountains and the dens To bog and forest and wild fens.

For storms will rage and oceans roar When Gabriel stands on sea and shore
And as he blows his wondrous horn Old worlds die and new be born.
A fiery dragon will cross the sky Six times before this earth shall die Mankind
will tremble and frightened be for the sixth heralds in this prophecy.

For seven days and seven nights Man will watch this awesome sight. The
tides will rise beyond their ken To bite away the shores and then The
mountains will begin to roar And earthquakes split the plain to shore.

And flooding waters, rushing in Will flood the lands with such a din That
mankind cowers in muddy fen And snarls about his fellow men.
He bares his teeth and fights and kills And secrets food in secret hills And ugly
in his fear, he lies To kill marauders, thieves and spies.

Man flees in terror from the floods And kills, and rapes and lies in blood And
spilling blood by mankind's hands Will stain and bitter many lands

And when the dragon's tail is gone, Man forgets, and smiles, and carries on
To apply himself - too late, too late For mankind has earned deserved fate.

His masked smile - his false grandeur, Will serve the Gods their anger stir.
And they will send the Dragon back To light the sky - his tail will crack Upon
the earth and rend the earth And man shall flee, King, Lord, and serf.

But slowly they are routed out To seek diminishing water spout And men will
die of thirst before The oceans rise to mount the shore.

And lands will crack and rend anew You think it strange. It will come true.

And in some far off distant land Some men - oh such a tiny band Will have to
leave their solid mount And span the earth, those few to count, Who survives
this (unreadable) and then Begin the human race again.

But not on land already there But on ocean beds, stark, dry and bare Not
every soul on Earth will die As the Dragons tail goes sweeping by.
Not every land on earth will sink But these will wallow in stench and stink Of
rotting bodies of beast and man Of vegetation crisped on land.

But the land that rises from the sea Will be dry and clean and soft and free Of
mankind's dirt and therefore be The source of man's new dynasty.

And those that live will ever fear The dragons tail for many year But time
erases memory You think it strange. But it will be.
And before the race is built anew A silver serpent comes to view And spew
out men of like unknown To mingle with the earth now grown Cold from its
heat and these men can Enlighten the minds of future man.

To intermingle and show them how To live and love and thus endow The
children with the second sight. A natural thing so that they might Grow
graceful, humble and when they do The Golden Age will start anew.

The dragon's tail is but a sign For mankind's fall and man's decline. And before
this prophecy is done I shall be burned at the stake, at one My body singed
and my soul set free You think I utter blasphemy You're wrong. These things
have come to me This prophecy will come to be.


    The ruler of this earth realm is Lucifer, he is the one whom we subjected
ourselves to when we chose him for our leader when we fell with Adam
and Eve out of Heaven, and a second time when we fell from The
Garden of Eden in the spirit realm of Paradise. Most religions teach that
we are guilty of 'original sin' all because we are the descendants of
Adam and Eve. This does not make any sense, why would God punish
us for their sin, after all, we on earth are not punished by the courts for
the sins of our parents.

     One third of the spirits of Heaven fell with Lucifer when he led the
rebellion against Jesus, and since it is the first sin committed after our
creation, it is called 'original sin'. We are that one third who fell with
Lucifer and are incarnated with this sin. This sin separated us from God
and from Heaven.

      While there is no verse in the Bible that says a "third of the angels
fell from Heaven", some verses, when put together, lead us to that
conclusion. Sometime after their creation, and most certainly after the
sixth day when everything was declared "very good" (Genesis 1-31),
Satan rebelled and was cast out of heaven. "How you have fallen from
Heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to
the earth, you who once laid low the nations!" (Isaiah 14:12). When
Lucifer sinned, Jesus said, "I saw Satan fall like lightening from
Heaven" (Luke 10:18), and in the book of Revelation, Satan is seen as "a
star that had fallen from the sky to the earth" (Rev 9:1).

       We are also told that one third of an "innumerable company of
angels" (Hebrew 12:32) chose to rebel with him, John saw this great
wonder in Heaven, " enormous red dragon.. His tail swept a third of
the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth.... the great dragon
was hurled down ---- that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who
leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels
with him" (Revelation 1: 3-9).

     Since Satan is referred to as a star which fell or was cast down to
earth, and Rev 12:4 says a third of the stars were cast out with him, then
the conclusion is that the stars in Rev 12 refer to fallen angels, fully one
third of the heavenly host. If the one-third number is in fact accurate,
then two thirds of the angels are still on God's side, and are still in

      Those of us who had only been followers and not instigators were
sent to a spiritual location called the Garden of Eden or Paradise with
our leader, Adam, who was a high prince in Heaven. This Garden of
Eden in Paradise is still in existence but is not on the material earth, the
physical universe had not yet been created. Jesus told the repentant
criminal who was crucified beside him, "This day you shall be in
Paradise with me.", so he was not bringing him to a physical location but
a spiritual one.

      The story in the Bible, there is no record of them being in Heaven
and falling from there to the Garden of Eden, the story is told as one and
therefore impossible to understand. In Paradise, God gave these spirits a
new opportunity to choose Jesus over Lucifer but they did not change
their attitude from rebellious behavior and fell from Paradise to a realm
that was almost as low as Lucifer's.

     We are not told the nature of the sin, but the Bible uses a metaphor
calling it the fruit of a particular tree. The story of the apple is just an
analogy and the rest of the story regarding Adam and Eve is also. This
might be examined as a more correct interpretation rather than the
description of an apple that Eve took a bite of, which God had forbidden.
To repeat a crime is to return to the same habit of rebellion which caused
the trouble. If harmony, and the fruit of that behavior is life, then
continual rebellion is spiritual death. As the Bible records that God said,
"The day you eat of that fruit (of rebellion) you will surely die",
(separate yourself from harmony and spiritual life). A similar metaphor
is used by Jesus in (John 15:5) when he says, "I am the vine, you are the
branches..." That the account of this event is no longer clear in the Bible
translations today, critics make it the butt of jokes. Nothing discredits
anything more easily than to make fun of it.

     Jesus descended into hell after his crucifixion to release us from
Lucifer's hold. Christ's victory over Lucifer was the final requirement in
this great battle. Many Christian churches teach that Jesus died for all
the sins that we have ever committed and for all the sins we will commit
in the future, but this is not entirely accurate and not very clear. Even if
Jesus died for our sins, that belief alone will not save us, we must still
live a life worthy of our re-entry into Heaven. Jesus won this battle and
the terms of the treaty were that from that time, Lucifer could no longer
hold anyone against their will and that's what is meant in the statement,
"the gates of Heaven were re-opened."

      Until Jesus died on the cross and descended into hell to win a battle
against Lucifer, no one who died a physical death, could enter even the
lowest realm of Heaven, which is Paradise, but had to wait in spirit form
on this realm. Only those who had been born on earth and had come
directly from the realm of Heaven could return home to Heaven, people
like Mary, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jeremiah and the other great prophets.
This is the meaning of the phrase "born from above". These spirits had
not participated in the great rebellion with Lucifer and had not fallen
from Heaven, consequently, when they incarnated on earth, they came
from Heaven, and also returned to Heaven at the end of their physical
life. King David tells us that we was born from below much as all of us
are. Once we progress to one of the heavenly realms, we may be able to
reincarnate on earth to help others, and since we will have been born
from above, we would be able to return to that higher realm, as we
would already have earned our salvation.

        After this second fall, God with the help of Jesus, created the
physical universe to help us work our way through our disobedience in
order to return to Heaven. By incarnating over and over again on this
planet, we have progressed from the lowest earth form to the human
stage. We also can progress in the spirit world while waiting for our next
incarnation, and eventually we can stop coming to earth and keep
progressing in the spirit world. This earth realm is the highest realm of
hell, so we can, from this realm, look forward to returning to Paradise or
to a higher realm and work from there. There is also a possibility that, if
we have not progressed, we could remain on this earth realm in spirit
form, or go to an even lower realm, waiting for a new incarnation.

         The word reincarnation often suggests to people, the Hindu
explanation of reincarnation where we may come back as an animal, but
that is not possible. Even if we have not progressed much in a single life,
we cannot move to a lower form because we have progressed from that
form. It would be impossible to match the spirit vibrations of a human
level spirit with that of an animal or a plant for incarnation.

       God is love and would never leave any of His children in hell
forever. The belief of an everlasting hell is a man made belief. In the
Bible, there is a mistranslation of the word which described the time that
would be spent by rebellious humans and spirits. Where the Bible today
describes hell as "eternal", originally said "eon" which means an entirely
different thing. 'Eon' refers to an elastic period to time, but never can it
mean a permanently fixed period lasting forever. It is a wonder why so
many Christians take such joy in warning us of everlasting hell and still
repeat that it is proof that God is love! This belief causes many to
abandon the churches and refuse to believe in God. It is a great sin of the
churches today.

     The tests of life are meant to refine our spirit and prepare us to live
in a higher realm after this life. By placing us in challenging
environments, our true character is exposed to us, allowing each person
a chance to correct those flaws which hold us back in our ascent to
greater realms after this life. If hell were everlasting then none of us
would have been able to progress to the human stage on this earth, and
none of us could return to Heaven. If a person doubts that we are still on
one of hell's realms, look around this planet with all of its troubles and
check out our past history. The devil is lord of this world, as Christ said.
Paul said that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the
powers of the spirit. This describes the evil powers that once fell "to the
earth" (this realm of the Outer Darkness) as the Bible says in revelations (12:9),
 this must be a vision John had of a previous event long ago because Satan is
 already in earth, this realm and not just this planet. Christ calls Satan the 
god of this realm  (Earth).

      When Jesus came to earth, one of the things that he attempted to
teach the Israelites, his chosen people, was to resume communicating
with God's spirit world as in the past. The people, for the most part, were
following the laws given to Moses and many other rules that had been
added to that system by men and not by God. They had given up
communicating with the good spirits. They were now more obsessed
with following the rules, many of which were no longer applicable, and
many of which they were misinterpreting. Moses was no longer around
to help them understand the rules or the reason for them and they had no
way of inquiring of God

     Jesus spoke often of spirit communication and gave his disciples the
holy spirits on the day of Pentecost so they could be reminded of what
he had taught them and to understand the plan of salvation that he had
just established. The apostles were mediums and taught others using the
messages given to them by the holy spirits just as Jesus had done (John 1:51).

        There was a good reason for the apostles to go and teach the
Israelites. Things had changed for them and for all future generations.
Jesus had not come to earth just to preach and heal people, but to lead
the lost in this realm back to Heaven, and to win their freedom in a
decisive battle between himself, the King of Heaven against the Lord of
the underworld, Lucifer, and Christ was victorious. Jesus remained loyal
to God even through the agony of dying on the cross, as difficult as that
was to bear, and as it had been planned before his birth. But after his
death, he descended into the lowest parts of hell, something he could not
do as a physical being, since Lucifer was in the spirit world. There, a
battle ensued for the freedom of everyone who had fallen, much like the
battle that was fought in Heaven when the disobedient spirits had been
cast from Heaven (John 12:31), (revelations 12:7).

     The churches teach that our sins are washed away by the blood of
Christ, but that meaning today is not understood. What does it mean? It
was original sin that Jesus overcame for us, which is the sin of deserting
God and Jesus and siding with Lucifer when we, one third of Heaven,
were kicked out of Heaven. Jesus' victory over Lucifer when he
descended into the lowest hell and abolished his power over us is the
redemption of our sins. The sinful nature found in humans is the
evidence of a flawed humankind that is striving to change and to
improve their lot. But the ultimate goal of returning to Paradise by spirits
fallen to the earth could not have been accomplished before Christ won
the rights of these repentant souls to be set free by that victory over
Lucifer, the lord of darkness (revelation 1:18).

     If the teachers of divinity understood this great event, they could do
a better job of helping people understand also. They do not understand
the reason that Jesus is such a special person to us, so they make up a
story that Jesus must be God, or a part of God, which they call a part of
the trinity. So in effect they confuse the person of Jesus, and by making
him equal to God, they diminish the person of God. They do not stop to
think that God is so great and powerful that He could never have been
born in a human body. Even when God was on Mount Sinai, He told
Moses that he could not see His face and live. God's vibration and
energy is so much higher than ours and that is why we are unable to
understand the nature of God. The first commandment to "Have no other
gods before Me" is violated when Bible teachers try to prove the idea of
a three-in-one God of the trinity, even though this term is not found
anywhere in the entire Bible. They seek to prove their theory through
other scriptures, but cannot show actual direct evidence.

       In this present time we are again following the rules but have no
way to learn or correct our errors unless we return to spirit
communication for the correct guidance. We follow man-made rules and
not God or Jesus Christ. Many read the Bible and approve of all the
errors, while others don't even try to read the Bible, but instead they
believe whatever they are told in church without questioning anything.
At this rate our progress from this realm will be slow indeed. Jesus,
while on earth had great difficulty moving people out of their traditions
in order to teach them anything new. We read that the Pharisees were of
that type, and we have our own Pharisees today.


In Mathew 23 New Living Translation, Jesus criticizes the religious
leaders as follows:  

         Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his
disciples, "The teachers of religious law and the
Pharisees are the official interpreters of the law of
Moses. So practice and obey whatever they tell you, but
don't follow their example. For they don't practice what
they teach. They crush people with unbearable religious
demands and never lift a finger to ease the burden."

     "Everything they do is for show. On their arms they
wear extra wide prayer boxes with Scripture verses
inside, and they wear robes with extra long tassels. And
they love to sit at the head table at banquets and in the
seats of honor in the synagogues. They love to receive
respectful greetings as they walk in the marketplaces,
and to be called "˜Rabbi."

     "Don't let anyone call you "Rabbi" for you have only
one teacher, and all of you are equal as brothers and
sisters. And don't address anyone here on earth as
"father", for only God in Heaven is your spiritual Father.
And don't let anyone call you "Teacher" for you have
only one teacher, the Messiah. The greatest among you
must be a servant. But those who exalt themselves will
be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be

  "What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and
you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you shut the door of the
Kingdom of Heaven in people's faces. You won't go in
yourselves, and you don't let others enter either."

    "What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and
you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you cross land and sea
to make one convert, and then you turn that person into
twice the child of hell you are!"

    "What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and
you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you are careful to tithe
even the tiniest income from your herb gardens, but you
ignore the more important aspects of the law justice,
mercy, and faith. You should tithe, yes, but do not
neglect the more important things. Blind guides! You
strain your water so you won't accidentally swallow a
gnat, but you swallow a camel."

     "What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and
you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you are so careful to
clean the outside of the cup and the dish, but inside you
are filthy, full of greed and self-indulgence! You blind
Pharisees! First wash the inside of the cup and the dish,
and then the outside will become clean, too."

    "What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and
you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed
tombs beautiful on the outside but filled on the inside
with dead men's bones and all sorts of impurity.
 Outwardly you look like righteous people, but inwardly
 your hearts are filled with hypocrisy and lawlessness."

  "What  sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and
 you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you build tombs for the
 prophets your ancestors killed, and you decorate the
 monuments of the godly people your ancestors
 destroyed. Then you say, "˜If we had lived in the days of
 our ancestors, we would never have joined them in
 killing the prophets."

  "But in saying that, you testify against yourselves that
 you are indeed the descendants of those who murdered
 the prophets. Go ahead and finish what your ancestors
 started. Snakes! Sons of vipers! How will you escape
 the judgment of hell?"     (End of Bible quote)


     Jesus had no patience for the Pharisees who were close minded and
were only interested in following the rules of Moses and wouldn't listen
to the truths that he was bringing to them.

     Our lives are governed, for the most part, by tradition, and by habit,
instead of truth.  Different races and different nationalities have
different traditions. We could just as easily have been born as a Muslim,
a Buddhist, or a Sikh as a Christian. As children, we follow our parent's
traditions but only until we reach the age of reason, at which time we
need to let go of traditions that only hold us back. 

     Once we have a basis for our lives, traditions can and do become an obstacle
 toward progress,especially in our spiritual lives. It is our duty to search and
 to prove all things rather than to rely on everything we are taught. God gave us total
freedom to question, to search and to change our beliefs, to work out our
own salvation by striving for that which is true. For this reason, God has
assigned a guardian angel to each living being so that by guidance, little
by little, each one of us might begin to choose the right path to Heaven,
instead of the many will-o-wisps that keep the mind busy on material
and worldly minded things throughout our lives. We are not to allow
anyone to tell us what to believe, they will not be around to protect us
from our errors once we leave this physical life.

       Of course, if we break from tradition of our relatives and culture,
those who think they have an interest in our lives will not be happy, and
they will perhaps attempt to make us feel guilty for abandoning their

    We must not allow them to hold us back. Even Mary, the mother of
Jesus on earth, had to change her idea of what life and salvation was
about once Jesus began to teach. She had been raised with the laws of
Moses, but it was now time to learn of the new dispensation brought by

    In the time of Moses, a whole generation had to die off before Moses
could bring the Israelites to the promised land, because that generation
who were influenced by Egyptian traditions was unwilling to leave their
idol worship and replace it with the belief in 'One God of Heaven'.

      The most difficult thing for we as humans to do is to change our
thoughts. It is much easier to defend ourselves against change than to
alter our thinking. If we were to stop and analyze our thoughts we would
recognize that we have not come by most of them through conscious
decisions. If challenged, we would have to admit that most of them came
to us from someone else, but we do not discard them because it might be
easier to keep to the status quo, even if it makes no sense, than to make
the effort to re-think our beliefs.

      If we do not reach our goal in providing a better pattern of thinking
for ourselves after we leave this earth, we will have no one to blame but
ourselves. There will be no one to listen to our complaints regarding our
lack of progress. Traditions are not our best guide on this earthly trip. As
it is, we have not yet progressed much past the dark ages physically and
spiritually. Leaders today still hold sway over the majority of mankind
with superstitions not to be challenged, while others offer a
soul-destroying substitute of a life of ease and pleasure.

      Today anyone who breaks with tradition in order to study a more
productive path other than their religious beliefs, are told that if they
believe anything other than what their religious leaders, teachers, and
parents interpreted what they think the Bible means, then they are called
disloyal, ungodly, heretics, and threatened with a future of eternal hell.
So it is with great trepidation that anyone dares to think for themselves.

    Communication with spirits is as much a science as any other branch
and has its own rules found in nature. Other than speaking to those who
have more knowledge of the spirit world, than those in that spirit world,
there doesn't seem to be any other way to learn of our destination after
our physical death. Who better to tell us how to get to Heaven than those
who live there?

     However, spirit contact is not needed for those who have chosen to
follow a path of clean living and to live daily as Jesus Christ taught.
For other people who are not convinced of an afterlife, they can as
individuals, reach their Heavenly spirit guide, following Jesus' guidance,
"Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the
door will be opened to you." (Mat 7:7).

     The most important pattern is to tune in, not unlike tuning in to a
radio wave, unless we have that actual frequency we can hear nothing.
And every now and then we can run up and down the dial searching for
an answer, and we will run into a station or two. Inspirational thought
can be advanced by concentration, the more sensitive we become, the
less willing we are to run our thoughts sideways instead of upward, the
more easy it is. Following good thoughts and making good and clear
thinking decisions makes it easier to pull away from worldly thoughts
now and then to muse upon higher things.

    The holy spirits have said in prayer seances.
  " Harmony is the elevating rudder which draws us upward to the spirit
vibrations of Heaven."

      Mankind always makes errors but why we don't want to learn from
them is a mystery. God's angels cannot reach those whose minds are
made up already, and who are not curious to find out if what Christ said
is really true. If a person decides ahead of time that there is no God and
no help from Heaven, it makes the job more difficult for the Heavenly
angels to reach them with good and inspiring guidance. Many would
rather spend their lives concentrating on being rich or famous and call
all those who believe in God and His son Jesus Christ as foolish. As the
Bible says, God has chosen those whom the world calls foolish, while
those who call themselves wise in the world, God leaves to their own
devices, and will help them only when they ask for help or for guidance;
to do anything else would be to force a person beyond their free will,
and this God will never do.

   Even many churches are not interested in learning from God's spirits.
They have no helper in the church who can teach them the divine skills
of communication with Heavenly angels, and to understand the purpose
for their life. It is only the Heavenly spirits who know this information
and who can tell the people.

    There remains still today a fear of change, that salvation can be lost,
or that an ultimate punishment might be handed down from Heaven if a
single church rule has been broken. Rather than adhering to the
Commandments of God and the Lessons of Jesus Christ, many church
attendants tend to follow the culture of the church.

     This type of thinking runs counter to a God of love and mercy. And
because God is love and He is merciful, we can be assured that God will
not give us stone when we ask for bread (Mathew 7:9).

      All of nature is present around us to enjoy and to learn harmony,
with beautiful crystal clear water, fresh forests and bright warm sun to
soften the most hardened nature. To think only for a moment that God,
The Creator of love, has done this for us when we did not yet ask, what
would He do in our personal circumstances to help us understand and to
rise above our lower thinking if we call upon him and ask for truth? If
we are to strive for the gifts of wisdom already promised to us by Jesus
when He sent the spirits of truth, and to "practice the presence of the
angels of Heaven, what limit could not be surpassed? The very Heavens
would open. We would be able to see the manifestations of the spirits of
truth as the disciples of Jesus described in the Scriptures. Who among us
would refuse such a gift from Heaven?

     It is difficult to convince anyone that their belief is incorrect by just
telling them so. The stronger the belief, the more the person will defend
it, sometimes going through great explanations to defend why their
beliefs are correct by often repeating the same learned traditions from
childhood over and over, without a second thought.

    The people of Jesus' day only knew the Law of Moses. God gave it
to them to start them off in a positive direction, but after so many
centuries of hearing the laws, they were reluctant to change their
thinking and to move on. Jesus wanted them to return to depending on
God's holy spirits for further understanding and proved to them that
anything was possible with that power. He demonstrated the power of
God through the countless miracles, like turning water to wine,
multiplying the loaves and fish and by healing their bodies, and driving
out demons. Jesus came to heal all the people, spirit, mind and body,
and show them the way to Heaven.

     For this reason Jesus is called the Savior of all mankind, and indeed
he is. Calling upon Christ does not take up his time. Jesus very
existence is as Lord over all of God's Creation. There is no moment in
time that Jesus will not help and guide, either directly by His own
presence or by sending one or more of the great of Heavenly angels to
our side to help and guide us when we as.

    It's a wonder to me personally how the very power of Heaven under
God, Gods own Son, could fit into such a small human body. He who
created the whole Universe by the Plans of His Father and the Power
given to him by God as the King of all Creation, came to help the lost
souls who once followed Lucifer out of Paradise. Jesus, when He was on
the cross, about to die, promised to the repentant criminal on the cross
beside him that this man would be in Paradise that very day, the Day of
Salvation to all who accepted Him once again as their Savior and their

     Jesus promised his disciples that they too would receive a powerful
spirit of truth from Heaven to guide them in all their ways, so long as
they followed him. What easier take is there? To leave discord and
greed, lust and hate and all of the other vices of the devil so that we
might have freedom of thought, action and of spiritual life once again?

    The decision is much easier once we realize the enormous gift Jesus
really promised. His angelic helpers are ever available when we call
them for truth and guidance and help, for ourselves, and for our fellow

    If anyone decides to attempt to communicate with God's holy spirits,
here is a rule by which a person can distinguish between the spirits, as
the Bible says in the book of John in the New Testament: (1John 4:1-6)
"Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see
whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out
into the world.  This  is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every
spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from
God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God.
This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and
even now is already in the world."
      More clearly, that the spirits you communicate with by visions, hearing,
 or spoken messages through a medium, must be able to state, " I affirm
 that Jesus of Nazareth was the incarnate Christ and this Christ defeated

    This is the key to discernment of spirits. Any spirit can say they
come in the name of Jesus, or that they follow Jesus, or know Jesus. 
Many spirits call themselves Jesus.   But no spirit that is not from Heaven
will admit that the man Jesus who lived on this planet, in the town of 
Nazareth was the Christ incarnate, the Son of God. 

Satan tries to pretend to be God. So for a spirit to say they come in the 
name of God means nothing. They must admit that the man Jesus of Nazareth 
was the Christ incarnate and that he did defeat Lucifer in this great war
 between Heaven and hell. There is no other way for a human to be certain 
that they are talking to a holy spirit sent by God from Heaven than for that
 manifest spirit to admit of this truth.

       The reason Satan, or any of the spirits who still follow him will
admit that Jesus was the Christ is because it is easier to say that the
Christ never came than to try to prove that Christ was not victorious.
Otherwise Satan would have to show the evidence of his own victory, by
showing Jesus as his captured foe, which he cannot do. And so the
simplest way for Satan to get around this whole debate is to say that
Jesus never came. To do otherwise is to certainly lose the argument and
to admit defeat, which he will not do.

     The following excerpt is taken directly from the 1932 book, "Communication with
the Spirit World of God, It's Laws and Purpose" by Johannes Greber.
      1st Corinthians 2: 6, 7

 "AFTER the revolt of a great part of the spirit-world, God determined upon a plan for saving the
 unfortunate beings which had fallen into the Abyss, and for bringing them back into His Kingdom.

     His clemency would be extended first of all to the less guilty, those countless hosts which had
deserted Him when they were subjected to trial in the sphere of Paradise. Only after these had been
saved, would their corrupters, Lucifer and his lieutenants, be allowed to return to the house of the
     God is just. Those who had been misled were guilty of weakness only, but those who had led them
astray had sinned with premeditation, and since their offenses had been fundamentally different, so
too would be their punishment, and so too would be their respective roads of escape from the

"God's first step toward salvation was the creation of spheres of progress or amendment, disposed
in stages after laws incomprehensible to you and conceivable only to the infinite wisdom of God. In
his letter to the Ephesians, Saint Paul hints at these steps by which spirits may ascend out of the
darkness toward God, by Whom they were created in order to insure the execution of His decree
providing that all would once more be reunited with His Son. At this point the original text of the
Bible makes use of the metaphor of the erection of a house with its several stories. If you will apply
this metaphor in a spiritual sense you will more easily understand what I am about to tell you of the
spheres of amendment for the fallen spirits.

     "What you call "Hell" is the lowest stage into which they sank. But even Hell has its spheres of
progress through which a spirit may climb upward by a change of heart, until it reaches the lowest
of the terrestrial spheres. These begin in the lower forms of animal life and advance through the
stages of rocks, plants, herbs, flowers, and the higher beasts, arriving at last at the highest of
animals known to you as "man". 

     "Such terrestrial spheres exist not on your earth only, but also on the other heavenly bodies. 
There are, therefore, many stages parallel to those on your earth. Moreover, the terrestrial 
stages exist not only in material shape as you see them in animals, plants and minerals, but
there is also a corresponding spiritual shape. and, in consequence a spiritual animal. plant
and mineral kingdom embracing all orders and species of living beings, which in the spirit-kingdom
are clothed in odic bodies, the counterparts of the material bodies which you see on earth.

     "Spirits, parted from their material bodies by corporeal death. enter into the respective parallel
spirit-spheres where they remain until they are reincarnated by rebirth on earth. Spirits which have
not progressed are reincarnated in the same stage as often as may be necessary to fit them for
reincarnation in a higher one.

     "Each stage of advance required a special act of God to permit of the desired physical shaping of the
spirits, and to this end He created the odic shapes of pairs of spirits corresponding to the shape in
question and endowed with the power to reproduce the body peculiar to that stage. The spirits
themselves are incorporated in the bodies thus procreated, according to fixed laws which prevail in
the spirit-world.

     You mortals cannot indeed understand "how" these processes came about, any more than you really
understand the processes of Nature which go on all around you, although you witness them daily
with your own eyes. "Your science concerns itself with the problem of descent, particularly with that
of the descent of man from the apes."There is no such thing as physical descent of a higher form
from a lower one. Plants do not produce animals, nor do the lower animals produce the higher
forms. Every form of life breeds true to kind, although within each species there are many races,
the individual belonging to races of the same order being mutually capable of reproduction among
each other.

    "Man belongs to the order of the apes. He is the highest race of this order, and you are correct in
saying that the ape is the lowest stage of humanity and that man is the highest of the apes. Man is,
therefore, the highest animal on earth. Nevertheless, he has not descended physically from the ape,
in spite of the fact that in point of physical development, the ape most closely resembles him.
   "Before the first incarnation of the spirit of man in the human body, that spirit inhabited the body of
an animal, and is therefore the same spirit rising through the different stages of Nature in
constantly increasing perfection.

    "These stages undergo no physical changes. They are the same today that they were millenniums
ago, even if, in the course of the ages, certain orders died out because spirits were no longer
incarnated in them. For this reason God created other and higher forms incarnating in them those
spirits which had previously inhabited the extinct species, which had served as intermediate stages
in the evolution upward. When they disappeared and the higher forms took their places, the spirits
in question were compelled to wait until the replacement had been effected.

    "So it is that you find to this day the remains of extinct species of plants and animals that lived in
former ages.

    "There is no retrogression of the spirit from one stage of progress to a lower one even though a
spirit may remain at the same stage for a long time. As I have already told you, a spirit which,
when its body dies, has not progressed during its incarnation, must be reincarnated again and again
until it is fit to enter the next higher stage. That is true of man also; if, during his life on earth he
has made no advance on the road leading to God, he must go through life again as a human being.
Every life is an examination: whoever fails to pass, must try again until he succeeds. That is a
Divine law which applies with equal force to all Creation: there is nothing capricious about the ways
of God.

   "When I tell you that a spirit does not retrograde into a lower stage, the reason is, that although it
may have degenerated in one respect it will have advanced in another, so that a balance is struck.
Here too you can see the working of a Divine law.

   "Of the ages that elapsed from the days of the fall of the spirits to that on which the first fallen spirit
was fit to be incarnated in human shape, you can form no conception. "One day is with the Lord as
a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." (2nd Peter 3 : 8.)

    "Of all these facts Christendom of today is ignorant, and they run counter to your own previous
ideas. But why conceal the truth from you even if you may find it beyond belief and because it may
be scoffed at by your fellow men?

   You have the opportunity of inquiring into these truths during the spirit-communications at spiritistic
services, and if you do so you will find my statements confirmed in every particular.

    "Unfortunately the important facts which I have revealed to you have been deleted from the Biblical
account of the Creation, until scarcely any of them have been retained. This account says nothing of
the creation of spirits by God, nothing of the revolt and secession of the spirits, nothing of the
spheres of progress. nothing of the shaping of the odic bodies of the fallen spirits into their various
stages, and nothing of the incarnation of those odic bodies into earthly substance. Your Biblical
story of the creation of the world describes an original and entirely independent creation, quite
unconnected with the creation of the spirits and their fall.

   "The original Scriptures contained all of these facts, but when they were revised later, the Powers of
Darkness were at work to deprive men of the knowledge of the links in the chain of God's plan of
salvation and to withhold from them the consolation of knowing that ultimately everything will
return unto God." "This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior; who would have all
men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth.'' (1st Timothy 2: 3.) It was for the very
purpose of leading everything back to God, that the material world was created.

    "The Powers of Darkness were, of course, much better served by the doctrine of hopelessness and
despair, and by the belief in an "eternal Hell" of which your poet has written the dreadful words: "All
hope abandon ye who enter here.'

   "Such sentiments were far more acceptable to the rulers of Hell than was the belief in a merciful
God, Who may, indeed, be angered, and punish with just cause, but Who, at last, will forgive His
children and call them back to Him. The conception of a Deity has been debased by the doctrine of
"eternal damnation" designed only to inspire terror. What is more, that doctrine added to the
difficulty of carrying out the plan of salvation conceived by a God Who sent to sinful and suffering
humanity this message of all-forgiving affection: "Can a woman forget her infant, forget to pity her
babe? Yet even were a mother to forget, never will I forget you." (Isaiah 49: 15.)

   "Many passages in your Bible have shared the fate of the paintings by the old masters placed upon
the walls of some of your ancient churches. In later times, so-called "church decorators" came and
daubed their commonplaces over the masterpieces, so that if today you remove the outer layer of
paint carefully from the walls, the ancient pictures are once more revealed, leaving the beholder
enraptured over the great painter's art.

    "In the same way the truthful picture presented by the original Bible was defaced in later times.
Erring mortals revised the Biblical accounts, omitting what they could not understand or adding
their own mistaken explanations. Their successors "improved" further upon the previous work,
supplementing and abridging at will. In this way was not only the truth crowded aside, but many
things crept into the Scriptures that tend to make a travesty of the word of God. One of your poets
coined the phrase: "Books have their vicissitudes," and unfortunately this is true of the Bible also.
Much that it should contain has been eliminated, and much of what it does contain should never
have been admitted, because it conflicts with the truth.

    "The various "churches" which refuse to acknowledge this fact and persist in regarding your version
of the Scriptures as "authentic" are serving the cause of God but poorly. In fact they are doing that
cause more harm than good, for even the least intelligent reader of the Bible, and of the account of
the Creation in particular, must realize that much of it must be inaccurate, to say the least.

    "The falsifications introduced into the Old Testament called forth the protests of God Himself. voiced
through the prophet Jeremiah, as witness the passage: "How do ye say. we are wise, and the law of
the Lord is with us? But behold, the false pen of the scribes has written falsely. The wise men are
put to shame, they are dismayed and taken: lo, they have rejected· the word of the Lord and what
manner of wisdom is in them?" (Jeremiah 8 :8,9).
    "Elsewhere in the Holy Writ the truth has suffered at the hands of translators who have rendered
certain words and phrases of the original text so inadequately as to distort their real meaning
beyond recognition.

   "From what I have said you can see the reason for the great obscurity and the many misstatements
to be found in the story of the Creation as you have it today. Only occasional references retain a
faint glimmer of the truth. It is true that some of the stages of the evolution of material creation are
indicated, but these are not consistent with facts, in point of number or of sequence.

    "The same is true of the Biblical version of the creation of the first human beings, a passage in
which the creation of spirits is hopelessly confused with their first incarnation in the human body.

   "In the first chapter of the Bible you are told that God brought man into existence as the last act of
Creation, after the earth, plants and beasts had already been made. Then follows the statement:
"And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female
created he them. And God blessed them: and God said unto them, Be fruitful. and multiply ... "
(Genesis 1 : 27.)

   "It is perfectly true that the two spirits which were the first to be incarnated as human beings and
which, as such, bore the names of "Adam" and "Eve", had been formed by God and in God's image
previous to their apostasy. It is also true that He had created them male and female spirits, and had
blessed their union. This, however, did not happen after the earth with its plants and animals had
been made, but at the time of their creation as spirits. Anything made by God in His image must
perforce be a spirit, for God is spirit, and spirit only, and hence, not substance. Therefore, whatever
He creates in His image must likewise be purely ethereal. and not partly ethereal and partly
material. as is the case with mortals.

   "The rest of the Scriptural account of the creation of man contains contradictions even more
flagrant, for a few lines further on you are told that God made man out of clay, and, moreover, only
the male, at a time when there was no other living thing on earth, whereas, according to what went
before, man is said to have been made after all other life had been created. Thus, according to the
second statement, God placed man upon a barren earth, and not until then did He create the
Garden of Eden into which He "put the man whom He had formed." Still later, it is said that God
caused this "Paradise" as you call it, to grow up in trees bearing luscious fruits of all kinds, and that
He put the man into the garden to dress it and keep it. Inasmuch as there was no living thing on
earth to endanger the garden, it is hard to understand the need for such keeping. Every single
sentence contradicts the one which precedes it!

    "Compare this picture with the facts as I shall relate them! You now recognize in Paradise that
spiritual sphere into which God, after the revolt of the spirits, sent the least guilty of the rebels,
partly as a punishment, partly to try them once more. Within this Paradise grew the spiritual tree of
the knowledge of good and evil; this was nothing else than God's commandment, which had been
given for the purpose of proving the spirits in this sphere and the significance of which they did not
grasp. The observance or the violation of this commandment or rather, of this prohibition, would
show whether the spirits in the sphere of Paradise were prepared to take sides with God, or whether
they had fully determined to join Lucifer. Should they respond to this test by obeying God, the
commandment would become for them the tree of life in God's glorious kingdom; should they
disobey. it would become a tree of death. They would be driven from Paradise into the realm of
Lucifer, and on that day, the day of their spiritual "death", their severance from God would be
complete. "For in the day that thou ea test thereof thou shalt surely die." (Genesis 2: 17.)

   "Now you will understand why Adam was commanded to keep Paradise, namely, to protect himself
and others against succumbing to the temptation to sin by disobeying God. Now you will also
understand what the Scriptures mean by saying that after the expulsion from Paradise of the spirits
which had shown disloyalty, they were prevented from returning thither by Cherubim "and the
flame of a sword." The die had been cast: they had given their allegiance to the Ruler of the Pit.
Henceforth the spheres of Darkness were to be their lot; they had no further claim upon the spheres
of Paradise, which will remain closed to those fallen spirits until the day on which they are once
more admitted to them as a step Heavenward, on their return to God. Then they may reenter the
spiritual Garden of Eden, and from it ascend to that glory out of which they were once driven
because of their own sins.

   "The mocking remark said by the Bible to have been uttered by the Lord on this occasion is also the
reverse of the truth. By the Scriptural account, God, at the moment when countless hosts of His
children were being driven into the unspeakable woe of utter exile from His kingdom, exclaimed:
"Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his
hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever, therefore the Lord sent him forth
from the Garden of Eden ... " (Genesis 3: 22.) These are the words of a fiend. not those of an
infinitely benign God, and as a matter of fact they were spoken by Satan in mockery of the deluded
spirits. On the contrary, God wished that even after their fall, those spirits would reach out after the
tree of life, in obedience to His will and in an effort to return unto Him.

   "But the Powers of the Abyss are intent upon preventing the spirits which were the first to benefit
by God's clemency, shown by the creation of the spheres of regeneration, from extending their
hands toward the tree of life and from returning to God. Could Lucifer have had his way. those
stages would never have been created and no material world would ever have existed. He would
then have been able to exercise his despotic sway over those spirits without restraint and without
having to fear the loss of a single one of his subjects.

   "Furthermore. I must take exception to the way in which the creation of the first woman is

   "As told in the Script4res, God resolved to give to the first man a helpmate in his isolation. To this
end He is said to have formed out of the ground "every beast of the field and every bird of the
heavens; and brought them unto the man," in order that he might find a helpmate among them.
"But for man, there was not found a helpmate." Then God is said to have caused the man to fall into
a deep sleep. during which He "took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof. and the
rib, which the Lord God had taken from the man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the
man." (Genesis 2: 21, 22.)

   "As you know, this story has been made the butt of ridicule. especially among the irreligious. It is a
sad thing to see the act of creation so grossly misrepresented and converted into a laughing-matter
for mankind. In this instance also, Evil has turned the fair image of truth into a repulsive caricature,
through the instrumentality of its human agents and with the view of converting the conception of a
sublime and all-knowing Deity into something ludicrous. since to make a thing an object of ridicule
is to forge the deadliest weapon for its destruction. God did not prevent this distortion of the truth,
as indeed He never intervenes in misdeeds contemplated by man. Seekers after the truth. and the
righteous generally. always had means at their command to allow them to discriminate between the
true and the false in the altered versions of the Scriptures, being free to communicate with the good
spirit world from which they could learn the truth at all times.

   "What. then. is the true story of the creation of the first pair of human beings?

   "Adam was the first spirit to reach the point at which he could emerge from the higher orders of
beasts and be incarnated in the form of man, although his incarnation did not proceed in the
manner incorrectly related in the Bible. God did not fashion a human figure out of clay and blow life
into its nostrils, thus making man a living soul. On the contrary, the formation of the first man
proceeded according to the identical laws which still apply today in the materialization of spirits.

    "This is a subject in which I have already instructed you at length, so that you know that nowadays
the od of so-called "materialization mediums" is required for converting the spirit-forms into matter.

   "This same law was applied by God in the incarnation of the first human spirit. Since, naturally. no
human materialization mediums were available to supply the required od, God took the od of the
earth. and, incidentally. in a composition which corresponded to that of the human body. The odic
mixture was the same as that by which the formation of the human body through growth, takes
place today. In the words of Saint Paul: "But God gives to the plant its body as he pleases, to each
according to the seed. Neither are the bodies of all living creatures alike. The body of man is unlike
that of the four-footed beast, as this again is unlike that of a bird or a fish." (1st Corinthians 15: 38,
39.) The preparation of the od for the incorporation of the first man was undertaken by God's

   "The body of the first man whom you call "Adam" was therefore literally taken from the earth,
although not in the manner in which you have heretofore believed. No figure was fashioned out of
clay. but the ethereal members of that human spirit were covered with a material garment, with the
aid of the condensed od of the earth. and that same body of Adam. formed as I have described. was
again dissolved into earthly od after his death. It had been taken from the earth in the form of od,
and in the form of od it was returned to the earth. That is the law which rules all material creation.
   "The first man who thus came into existence was the only one of his kind. As your Bible quite rightly
says. he was lonely. surrounded as he was by nothing but plants, and by the beasts of the earth.
and longed for the hour when another spirit should have progressed to the point at which it could be
incarnated in human form. He therefore looked about among the higher animals to find one which
at its death would be considered worthy in God's sight of being advanced to the human stage. Your
Scriptural account hints at this when it tells you that God brought all the beasts unto the first man,
so that he might choose a helpmate from them.

   "The day came at last on which another spirit had reached the human stage. This time it was a
female spirit, the same one which had been Adam's consort in God's kingdom and later, in the
sphere of Paradise, where it had been the first one to disobey. and in so doing had caused Adam to
fall likewise.

   "As her guilt had been the greater, so too had been her punishment. Her ascent from the depths
had therefore been slower, and she did not reach the level of human existence as soon as did her
male dual spirit.
   "The story of the incarnation of this female spirit as given in the Bible of today gives a faint inkling
of the truth.

    "The incarnation of "Eve" as the first woman is called in your Bible took the same course as do all
spirit-materialization. In her case it was no longer necessary that God should take the od of the
earth, since a materialization-medium, namely Adam, was available. The possession by Adam of
unusual mediumistic powers is to be ascribed to the circumstance of the materialization of his own
body by the spirit-world. with which he was in constant mediumistic contact.

   "Just as today the materialization of a spirit is possible only when the materialization-medium is in a
deep trance, so was it in those times. The deep trance into which Adam went is referred to in the
Bible by the words: "And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept."
(Genesis 1 : 21.) This was a mediumistic sleep. in which Adam's spirit left his body. As is the case
today, the od of the materialization-medium is not sufficient to effect complete materialization and
must be supplemented by substance drawn from the medium's body in dissolved form. so, in
materializing Eve, the spirit-world dissolved a part of Adam's physical substance and used it to
fashion Eve's body. This proceeding gave rise to the Biblical account of the removal of one of
Adam's ribs: "and he slept: and God took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof:
and the rib which the Lord God had taken from the man, made he a woman ... " (Genesis 2: 21,

   As a rule, the materialization of spirits lasts for a limited time only, after which dissolution again
takes place and the physical substance lent by the medium is returned to him. However, in the case
of Eve, permanent materialization was aimed at, and for this reason, none of the od nor the part of
the physical substance taken from Adam could be restored to him. Hence the spirit-world had to
make his loss good, which it did by drawing upon the od of the earth, as it had done when it first
formed Adam's body. This is indicated to you by the Bible in the words: " . . . and he took one of his
ribs, and dosed the flesh instead thereof."

    "In this way was formed the first pair of human beings, from whom the whole race of man was to
descend by reproduction.

   "In physical reproduction, the germ alone, out of which the offspring's body is to grow, is
transmitted. The spirit is united with that body only moments before birth, in conformity with laws
unknown to you. The life of the child within its mother's womb originates with her. It is her blood
which circulates through the child's body and sets its organs in motion as soon as they become
partially ready to function, which generally happens in the fifth month of pregnancy. This movement
of the child's organs while it is still in the womb is necessary, to accustom them by times to the part
which they will have to play, and is not, therefore, produced by the child's spirit, which is not
embodied until later, but to the mother. It is a process similar to that used in breaking in an engine
after it has been finished and assembled: at first it is set in motion by outside power, before being
allowed to run under its own. It must be broken in before it is ready for service, and the same thing
applies to the bodies of terrestrial living beings.

   "God's omnipotence and wisdom are nowhere more evident to thoughtful minds than in connection
with the great natural secret of the coming into the world of a new human life, the same thing being
true, of course, as regards all other living creatures. In all instances it is fallen spirits which are
incorporated in bodies produced by procreation, in conformity with the laws of God conceived with
such wisdom that your human understanding could not grasp this Divine secret, even were I to try
to explain it.

   "Adam and his wife had sons and daughters. (Genesis 5: 4.) The brothers took their sisters as
wives, so that when you read in the Bible that Cain, after slaying Abel. fled into another country and
"knew" his wife there, this does not mean that he became acquainted with her in the ordinary sense
of the word, or that there were in existence people not descended from Adam and Eve. According to
the usage of the Hebrew tongue, the word "to know" also connotes having sexual intercourse;
hence, as you are told: "and Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bore Enoch." (Genesis 4:
17.) The same words are used in speaking of Adam: "and the man knew Eve, his wife; and she
conceived and bore Cain." (Genesis 4: 1.)

    "Thus all of mankind is descended from the first pair of human beings and constitutes the highest
terrestrial stage of progress in the ascent of the fallen spirits. This was the frontier of Lucifer's
jurisdiction, and before the Redemption, this was the point beyond which no spirit was allowed to
pass. Being lawfully Lucifer's subjects, none could escape from his rule, since he was unwilling to
waive his right of sovereignty even in the case of those spirits which had repented of their misdeeds
and longed to return to God's kingdom. The surrender of this right had to be forced upon him by a
Redeemer, prior to Whose coming all human spirits would be obliged to remain in the human
sphere, either as corporeally existent human beings, or as spirits in a sphere of the same level as
that of mankind.

   "Beyond this lay the great gulf dividing Lucifer's kingdom from that of God. To bridge this gulf. a
victory over Lucifer must be achieved. As to how the Redemption was conceived and carried out I
shall tell you presently.

    "Once Redemption had been accomplished, God contemplated the creation of the spirit-spheres
through which the spirits of men could, after their earthly death, ascend to the sphere of Heaven
step by step. To create such spheres before the Redemption would have served no purpose, since
none of the fallen spirits could have reached them, and through them attained to Heaven.

   "In this connection I will call your attention to another matter of great importance, namely, that
before the Redemption there lived a great many people who were the incarnation not of fallen
spirits, but of spirits from Heaven to whom God had granted permission to be born as human
beings. in order that they might help others to attain the true faith in God and thus prepare
themselves for redemption. Of these spirits which lived in human form were Enoch, Abraham, Isaac,
Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Caleb, most of the prophets, Mary. the Mother of Jesus. and many others
whose names do not figure in the original Scriptural documents. After their death on earth. these
spirits returned to God's kingdom, since, having taken no part in the secession from God. they had
not fallen under Lucifer's jurisdiction.

   "As for the spirit-spheres which had been provided for in God's plan of Salvation and through which,
by that plan, the souls of men were to ascend to God after the Redemption, these are thirteen in
number. I need not describe each in detail. What you, as a mortal, can understand of this subject
has already been told to you personally in the many communications imparted through mediums for
your enlightenment, by spirits from the several spheres. From their manner of appearance and from
their speech you were able to form an idea of their lot in each sphere, as well as of the general
appearance of the spheres themselves.

    "You have seen those suffering souls which after death went into the lowest of the thirteen spirit
spheres, and in them you have learned the meaning of Christ's words: "Cast him out into the outer
darkness; there shall be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth." From them, also, you learned
the meaning of those words of the Bible: "The dead know nothing." Those spirits, severed from God
and condemned to spiritual death as a result of their unbelief during their life on earth, knew
nothing. They were ignorant of their identity as human beings, of their former place of abode, and
of the significance of the horrors which they were experiencing in the darkness and which rendered
their lot so wretched.

   "You could also see that as the spirits rose into higher spheres their consciousness broadened and
their attitude toward God became less refractory. You were able, likewise, during these
communications to distinguish the different light-effects pertaining to the individual spheres, the
colors ranging from the deepest black of the lowest stage, through all hues, to the most radiant
white of the uppermost sphere. The thirteenth sphere is of a white too dazzling to be endured by
mortal eyes. This is the color that prevails in the sphere inhabited by God's pure spirits, or that
which you call "Heaven".

    "From what you have seen of the spirits of the lowest spheres you will have gathered how hard it is
for them to struggle upward from their lamentable state, since their ascent within those spheres is
possible only if they will turn to God. But you yourself have witnessed the rebellious attitude taken
by these very spirits toward any thought of God, and in their case it is a great act of clemency on
His part to allow them to re-assume human form with the least possible delay, for as human beings
it is easier for them, from what they see of God's Creation and learn from their own reflections or
from the precepts and example of others, to acquire a belief in God, than it would be in those low
    "Most human spirits must go back to earth repeatedly, seeing that their lives there again and again
leave much to be desired and cause them to fall back instead of fitting them for the higher stages in
the Beyond. Consider the lives of most men. Are they not wholly centered on worldly matters? How
many ever even think of God? How many firmly believe in Him and live righteously? Ever since the
Power of Evil introduced money into the world it has an instrument which gives it an unrestricted
dominion over the majority of mankind.

    "The time which the spirits of the lower spheres must spend in the Beyond before they are
re-incarnated in human form varies in each individual instance. It is determined in part by that
spirit's transgressions during its last preceding stay on earth. God is just, and every sin must be
atoned for, but He is also charitable, and never punishes His creatures beyond their deserts.

   "The spirit-communications from which you learned what you know of those thirteen spheres came
through mediums of the most widely varied types. The purpose of this was to convince you of the
truth of these communications, for had you received the accounts of all the spirits through one and
the same medium, you might have thought that they proceeded from his subconsciousness. As you
know, your up-to-date science is always ready to resort to the word "subconsciousness" when asked
to explain anything in this field for which it cannot account on purely human grounds, and which it
is unwilling to attribute to the working of spirits.

   "The creation of the thirteen spirit-spheres was the last act in God's plan of Salvation, and before it
could be effected, a far more difficult problem had to be solved. Of what avail were the stages of
progress from the deepest infernal spheres to the highest terrestrial-the human-stage, and of what
avail were the thirteen spirit-spheres contemplated for the further ascent to the level of God, so
long as Lucifer refused to release any of the spirits which had deserted to him, and so long as he
insisted upon exercising his sovereignty over them, as a right which God had conceded?

   "Who, indeed, could force Satan to waive his rights over those, at least, who longed to return
contritely to God? It is true, God Himself could have done so, but from a sense of fairness He had
conceded that right to Lucifer, and for the same reason He was now unwilling to withdraw it.

   "Only a spirit willing to enter the realm of the Prince of Darkness and to expose itself to the rigors of
his tyrannous rule would have the right to do battle with him. The same situation holds good in your
international law, when a nation which is oppressed and harassed by its rulers, rises against its
tormentors in an effort to shake off their yoke.

  But it must be a spirit which would not, by deserting God, become subject to Lucifer, and thus fall
irretrievably into his clutches.

   It must be a celestial spirit which, after assuming human shape, would invade Satan's dominion in
body only, for every incarnated being is exposed to the influence of the Powers of Evil. Hence Evil
has so great a hold over all earthly creatures, even over those which are not evilly minded. The
most righteous of men daily experience the influence of Evil over them, and often stumble under its

   Thus the undertaking would be a great act of daring on the part of the celestial spirit which would
venture upon it. Born, as it was to be, in human form, it would necessarily, as a mortal. remember
nothing of its previous existence in Heaven. It would therefore be ignorant of its own identity as well
as of the mission for the performance of which it had been incarnated, and would be tempted by the
Evil One to sin. Moreover, God would not give it any greater spiritual aid than He gave to others, for
this would have offended His sense of justice. It would have to earn whatever special Divine aid
might be needed for solving its task, by repelling all advances of evil. and hence would receive such
assistance only in the measure in which it withstood such attacks. That is true of all men. On the
other hand, as the measure of Divine aid increased, the assaults by the Powers of Evil would grow
in violence. God permits temptation commensurate with the power to resist it; children must not be
as severely tempted as are adults; shoulders able to bear only half a hundredweight must not be
called upon to carry twice that amount.

   "By the same token, the celestial spirit that was to assume human form would not be exposed in
childhood to the evil influences with which it was to be brought into contact at maturity. Only after it
should have discovered its identity and the purpose to be served by its incarnation was Hell to be
permitted to unleash its full strength. Then the life and death struggle was to begin, a war to be
waged by that spirit as a mortal defensively. Against the attempts on the part of Evil to induce it to
abandon God. It must be a war ending in the bodily martyrdom of the incarnated celestial spirit,
provided it remained steadfast unto death, since it is the recognized procedure of the Forces of Evil.
when their light and intermediate artillery fails to reduce a fortress, to bring up their heaviest
batteries in the shape of physical torture, and thus to compel surrender. For this purpose they never
lack human instruments and helpers.

   "If, in the face of the greatest torments of mind and body which the spirit could suffer as a mortal at
the hands of the Powers of Hell and their human agents, it remained faithful and true to the last
breath, then indeed it would have earned the final measure of Divine aid and strength which can be
granted to any spirit. Armed with this Divine power it could, after its earthly death, enter upon a
war of offense against the Powers of Hell, which as a mortal it had been able to meet in defensive
combat only. Its victory over Lucifer was then assured, since the warring hosts of Heaven would be
at its disposal. "Then indeed there would be a war like that which had raged in Heaven when
Michael and his legions overthrew Lucifer with his satellites.

   "This time, however, the war was to be fought in Hell, which the celestial redeeming spirit would
invade, in order to overcome Lucifer on his own ground. It was not intended to deprive the latter of
his sovereignty over the apostate spirits or to condemn him to utter impotence; the victor was to
content himself with merely curtailing Lucifer's previous authority, for theretofore he had exercised
it not only over those who were with him at heart, but to an equal extent over others who had
deserted to him deliberately, it is true, but who now repented of their step and longed to be
discharged from Satan's Foreign Legion, in order that they might return to the house of God. By the
victory of the celestial spirit, Satan was to be forced to release the penitent spirits from his
despotism, retaining the right, however, to employ every means of corruption, as before, in order to
bring about another change of heart in them and to bind them to himself anew. But no longer might
he keep them under his scepter by force as he had done in the past. He was to be compelled, as it
were, to retire his frontier guards from the bridge to be built by the Redeemer, so that no spirit
desiring to return to its homeland would be forcibly prevented from so doing.

   "Should the Prince of Darkness consent to this limitation of his rights, which, as the vanquished, he
was bound to do, and should this limitation be embodied in the terms of the treaty of peace, its
observance by Satan would thenceforth be obligatory, since God Himself was to be the omnipotent
and just guarantor of that treaty, even Hell being subject to His might and helpless against His arm.

   "The consequences of such a peace would in the end be disastrous to Lucifer and his kingdom, for
by it, he would lose his subjects one by one, and in the end, be in the position of a captain whose
entire forces have deserted to the enemy and who, when at last reduced to utter helplessness, has
nothing left but to admit defeat, and surrender.

    "In the same way, Lucifer, after having been abandoned by all, would ultimately recognize his
impotence before God and be forced to tender his submission.

    "This, then, would be the day on which under God's plan of salvation there would be no more
separation from Him, no "death". On that day all limbs broken from the tree of life would be re
grafted to it, woe and wretchedness would be no more, and all the tears shed in such numbers by
His erring children on the long road of their wanderings, would be dried by Him. That was to be the
day on which the kingdom of God would once again shine in the full glory which it had before the
fall of the spirits, and on which all of His children, who had returned home, would resume the places
which once had been theirs in their Father's house.

    "Even Lucifer, the last and most penitent of all to cross the bridge built by his Conqueror, would
again be the glorious Light Bearer of old, by the side of his brother, Christ, whose love and benign
rule he had so contemptuously spurned, and the Heavens would resound with peans of joy.

    "Such was the plan of Salvation conceived by God after Lucifer and his angels had fallen, but it was
revealed by Him only to His first-created Son and to a few of the holy spirits of Heaven, one of
which was to declare itself ready to undertake, when called upon, the dangerous mission of being
born of woman, and as a human being, vanquishing the Prince of Darkness. All knew what it meant
to assume the human shape. All knew that as human beings they would incur the risk of being
overpowered themselves by the very foe they had set out to conquer, and that, in this event, the
coveted Salvation could not be accomplished. They knew, too, that a defeat of that spirit sent to
earth as a redeemer, would make necessary the sending of a second, perhaps to be followed by
others, until the effort was successful. Nevertheless, every one of the high heavenly spirits eagerly
volunteered to undertake the venture.

    "However, Christ, as the highest of created spirits and as God appointed king over the spirit-world,
begged to be the first to be allowed to make the attempt. It was against Him that Lucifer had
revolted, and it was on His account that the great secession had come about. It was on His account
also that the gulf between the kingdom of God and that of Darkness had opened, and for these
reasons He felt that He, and no other, should build the bridge across that gulf to enable all of God's
wayward children to make their way home.

    "God consented to the incarnation of His Son, to take place when the fallen spirits, in their ascent
through the spheres of progress had reached the highest terrestrial stage, that of man, and had
thus advanced to some extent, and when, as men, they had given evidence of a desire to return to

    "The plan was kept secret from all other spirits of God's kingdom as well as from the Powers of
Darkness, in order that Hell might have no opportunity of thwarting it. Had the Forces of Evil known
the true purpose of the human birth of the Son of God, had they known that His desperate struggle
against the assaults of Evil, and His agonizing death were pre-requisite to his victory as a spirit over
Lucifer, they would never have tempted Him, and would have done their utmost to prevent, instead
of bringing about, His death upon the Cross.

   "Only after Christ had died a redeemer's death would the time be ripe to reveal to all Creation God's
plan of salvation in its full. inconceivable grandeur, for then its revelation could no longer do harm,
but only good. The outer structure of the edifice of salvation being finished, it would be safe against
destruction. The completion of the inside work would rather be hastened by proclaiming the plan,
for this completion would lie in the fact that the spirits which had forsaken God would now return
home over the bridge which the Redeemer had prepared for them.

   "Every part of God's plan of salvation that might be revealed to mankind as an anchor for its hopes
was to be found in the original Bible, including the truths concerning the creation of the spirits, their
revolt, their fall, the creation of the spheres of regeneration as the means for a gradual ascent from
 the Pit, and the coming of a great, God-sent Envoy as Deliverer. Except for the announcement of
 the Messiah to come, everything has been expunged from the sacred writings of the Old Testament
 little by little. Mankind no longer understood these truths, and what men do not understand, they as
 a rule regard as folly and dismiss from their minds.

     "This was true also in the days of Christ. Whatever lay outside of peoples' daily experience or
 conflicted with the creed inherited from their ancestors, could not be brought home to them then
 any more than it can today. For this reason Christ did not devote Himself to expounding the
 foregoing truths at length, but confined His teachings to proclaiming the truth concerning God, the
 fulfillment of the Divine will, and His own mission on behalf of the Father. Everything else He left to
 the truth-bearing spirits which He intended to send to visit mankind.

     "But even after God's spirit-world had arrived in the role of teachers, only men who had made
 progress in the knowledge of the truth were able to comprehend the Divine plan of redemption. For
 the others, it was a diet too hard to digest. There were even many Christians who considered Saint
 Paul beside himself when he preached on the subject, (2nd Corinthians 5 : 13) and when Paul spoke
 before King Agrippa in the presence of the governor Festus, about the revelations which he had
 received, Festus said with a loud voice: "Paul you have lost your wits. Too much study is making
 you mad." (The Acts 26 :24.)

     "You also, when you lay my teachings before your fellow men will be told that they are absurd
 fancies, and that you have gone out of your mind. It has been the fate of the truth in all ages to be
 branded as untruth and folly, while at the same time palpably incorrect doctrines as to the Beyond
 are thoughtlessly accepted as true, are preached broadcast and raised to the rank of religious

    "What I have told you of the Divine plan of salvation you will find confirmed in every detail on a
 later occasion, when I shall disclose to you Christ's whole doctrine in due sequence as revealed to
 the faithful. partly by Christ Himself, partly by the truth-bearing spirits speaking through the
 Apostles and through mediums. Then we will also draw a comparison which will be most instructive
 to you, between the real teachings of Christ and the Christianity of today.

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